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Hello From Hot England!

Hi everyone from a very hot UK, I have most the free from the Arcade Punks website and it's fantastic!

I started with an Atari 2600, then Amstrad CPC464, Megadrive, PS1, PS2, Wii, Xbox360, Wii U and lastly Xbox One.

I now have a Bubble Bobble Arcade machine which nearly covers the above.

I'm using Hyperspin and currently have about 6tb of roms & media which adds upto about 250 wheels... trouble is that I want more!

What are the benefits of signing up for memebership?

After reading the membership part on the website I'm unsure if getting membership gives you access to hidden work that isn't shown in the free section. Quote below...

Recently the ‘scene’ seems to be sneaking off more and more into private groups, closed forums, locked down websites and more – that is NOT what its all about AT ALL. We are all a friendly bunch, anyone who has issues with anyone in the scene or the people within it, are not true to what the Arcade Experience was all about, nor what it is about, so we are hoping that users will ‘pay’ to register by simply sharing with us some more files that are usually ‘hard to find’ in return for nice ad-free browsing experience, this is not for any financial gain (we spend more than we get on this site!), this is to encourage people to pay with link submissions, so if you are in any groups that are locked down well, please share some files with us in return for free membership on Arcade Punks.


Kind Regards






Membership gives you access to the members area, there are quite a few 'direct downloads' in there , which some people find useful .

Eventually EVERYTHING is shared on the website, we dont do anything exclusive for members, except competitions, specialised requests and prize giveaways.

As a member you receive LOTS LESS advertising, no pop ups when you download and generally a better browsing experience, plus you get to know you have slept well helping us help the scene with servers, ftp sites, seeding and the many donations we send to various parts of the scene 🙂