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How to change roms after burning SD Card from img file?

Hey! I'm totally new to this scene, but have downloaded lots of different IMG files for RetroPi that install a complete system, with roms.

Often, I'd like to do 2 things I don't see how to do:

- add new roms

- filter the roms to my "favorites" list.

Is this possible in some way?



If you are running an attract mode image there is a favorites folder there, where you can select from the game choice screens if you want to add to favorites.

you will need to set up your hot keys in retroarch and once you set your "add favorite" combo, just go seek out the games you want to add, and  use your hot key combo.


as far as adding new roms, if you extract the IMG files you can navigate to the "roms" folder and select the system, then add or delete roms to your hearts content.

iirc you can also SSH into the pi adnd add/delete roms that way.