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How Do I Prepare A Micro SD and software to install a ‘Pi Image’?

Ive just ordered a Pi3 and a 64gb Micro SD card, have downloaded a few 64gb packs, but what do I do with them, I have extracted them , but what do I do with the card when I get it, I mean do a format it ? if so to what?

and what software do I use to write the image to the card?

Thanks for answering 😀

Insert your SD card in to your usb card reader, then insert in to your PC, Format the SD card to Fat32 using SDFormatter ( ) Then download Win32 Disk imager, This is what we use to Write .Img files to your SD. Make sure you choose the correct drive letter for your SD card in win32 disk imager. Then click Write. This will take a while to write to your SD, once done just pop SD in to your raspberry Pie, and it should boot in to Retropie/EmulationStation. Enjoy your games.


if you have a MAC then Apple Pi Baker

On my MAC I use etcher. Etcher is idiot proof so it works perfect for me. Insert card and follow instructions!

They also have a windows and linux version!