arcade controlls not working !

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soufian elamriti asked 4 months ago

hi bolt on edition just finished downloading i followed all the steps i even saw the vid tut !! joy2key sees my arcade stick and buttons i can press all the buttons but when i launch hyperspin controlss dont work !! i wil upload a video so you can see !! iam not a troll <thanks 🙂

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soufian answered 4 months ago

see video

soufian answered 4 months ago

anyone ! please help even with my keyboard controlls dont work 100% very buggy

Big-K answered 4 months ago

This guy spamming the f.a.q. seems he cant even read…. D: Drive bro….

soufian answered 4 months ago

would it matter ? my d drive is to small 

aladdin Staff answered 4 months ago

i followed all the steps i even saw the vid tut !!

It matters, firstly you say you have followed the steps – you havent, its D: drive and its there for a reason, thats what everything is preconfigured for
If you really are struggling would suggest going into each emulator and changing the keys to what you want them to be and changing the keys within Hyperspin too, to suit your set up – your attitude is TERRIBLE you fire out guns blazing blaming everyone but yourself, when you cannot follow simple instructions and pointing out that “thousands of other people are having this problem” whilst flooding various non bolt-on facebook pages, with childish attitude and stuff, if you want help you need to be patient and it will come, you have been asked countless times what operating system you are using and was it installed on D: drive by others and avoided the questions, and now your own video is evidence that you havent followed it to a t…..

Ninja UK Staff answered 4 months ago

Needs to be pointing out that this Hyperspin installation is clearly defined as a pack for those building cabinets with a specific layout, drive and operating system.

This is prob best not suited to those who want to connect a PC to the TV with a couple of ps3 controllers, like the pack clearly states, anything other than this you need to have some savvy about you to sort 😀

soufian answered 4 months ago

thanks for the help ! 🙂  i changed the drive letter to D: controls stil wont work both keyboard and arcade sticks but its oke 🙂

Arcade Punk Staff answered 4 months ago

I just read the guys are working on a re-worked keyboard output update 🙂 This should sort out your issue 😀

soufian answered 4 months ago

thanks ! wil try it out in the future ! i did install mame and my arcade controls are working perfect without extra software like joy2key 🙂

travis answered 3 months ago

Any Updates on this?  I have the exact same issue (I do have mine on D: droive though)  I can get in hyperspin and select the console however I cannot enter any game.  no errors or nothing.  even the keyboard enter does not work.  what actual settings does HYPERSPIN use to accept the enter or start key?  and where do I change the start key for hyperspin (I know I can change it in joytokey) but where in either rocketlauncher or hyperhq do I change the settings for entering a game.

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