Bolt on arcade cabinet configuration

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Jacopo asked 3 weeks ago

Hi to all, i’ve finished to download the bolt on edition (275 gb 25 wheels). 

I unzipped all into D drive, i can change wheels, games and start the games but once into a game,i cant control. I’ve checked the joy to key, tried to change control to fit with my arcade cabinet controls, but seems dont work. 

I’have a jvspac usb controller connected from pc to my cabinet (a jvs virtua tennis cab). The jvspac use the mame button layout and is not possible change the key association via hardware. With this controller, the button 1 is shift, button 2 ctrl, ecc ecc (but i think is not a problem, because with another version of hyperspin with a mame collection, work perfect out of the box). My question is: how can i configure the bolt on release with my arcade cab? I’m going crazy, please help me! 

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