How do I create a D: Drive for Bolt-on – or change a drive letter?

Arcade QuestionsCategory: Bolt on Edition HyperspinHow do I create a D: Drive for Bolt-on – or change a drive letter?
Anon asked 3 months ago

I already have a d: drive (cd rom) so how do I change this, or create a new one ?
does the bolt-on have to go on D: ?

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Arcade Punk Staff answered 3 months ago

Windows 7 automatically assigns drive letters to hard-drives, DVD-ROMS and USB / External Drives etc.. as you install or connect them.  If the default letters aren’t catching your fancy for whatever reason (I like to reserve Z: for my External Backup drive for instance), Windows has a built-in feature which allows you to change the drive letter assignment to any letter of the English alphabet with the exception of A.  Windows 7 reserves the A: Drive for the all but extinct legacy floppy disk…


1.   Click the Windows Start Orb and then Right-Click Computer and Click Manage from the context menu.


access the device manager from windows 7 start menu



2.   Click Storage > Disk Management from the left panel.  Next Right-Click the drive letterthat you would like to change and Click Change Drive Letter and Paths…

use the disk management feature to enter the change drive letter dialog in windows 7


3.   Select the drive letter you would like to change then Click Change.  In the pop-up dialog use the drop-down box to Select a new drive letterClick OK to save and exit both windows.

assign a new drive letter to your windows 7 hard  disk


Now your drive should have the new letter you just assigned to it.  Have fun with the groovy customization of hard-drive letters in Windows 7!


Note: A word of caution – In most cases changing drive letters is not a risky endeavor.  That being said, if the drive your changing has software already installed on it, changing that drive letter could break the installed applications. 

Michael answered 2 months ago

Hello, first of all, thanks for keeping us up 2 date with the bolt packs, they make Hyperspin FINALLY work. There are other new Front Ends that can surpass Hyperspin, but I like it. 
My only question is, HOW or what do I need to change so I DONT have to use D:/ root for Hyperspin? 
I can edit them by switching “D:/” with “E:/HyperSpin”, but what configs needs to be changed to change the location without breaking Hyperspin?
Usually its enough opening the configs in a editor, there go to “replace” and put there “D:/” to replace with your real location (for example “E:/HyperSpin”) and everthing linking to D:/ should then be updated to the new location. 
Same with the shortcuts that come with the extracted archives. Its no problem, but one would need to know what files or where the files are located that need to be updated from D:/. Would be great if you can share that information if you know what files hold the information.

Ninja UK Staff answered 2 months ago

Unfortuantly the guys wont support anything other than D: drive, as its easy enough to assign drive letters  – sorry

Doug answered 1 month ago

I’m having trouble changing my C to a D drive since Windows 7 will not allow me to change that letter while a Paging File exists on my hard drive. I only have 1 hard drive installed in my computer, so there’s nowhere to move the paging file. Using an external flash drive to store the paging file did not work. I’m considering purchasing an SSD for this computer, but didn’t want to unless I could get Hyperspin working first. If I must have a 2nd internal drive to change the drive letter, maybe I can find some workaround, but if anyone already knows one, that would be awesome. Or, if I’ve missed the forum area for this question, apologies, but this seemed like the right spot.

Evasive answered 4 weeks ago

You simply create a partition to change into the D drive…

Bart answered 2 weeks ago

There is also the SUBST possibility to assign a driveletter to a folder.
Testing that now as we speak.

Bart answered 2 weeks ago

I can confirm that this works:
unpack in any directory you wish (for example: C:\downloads\bolt)
Then open a command prompt (or use a batch file before you start the pack) and enter:
subst d: c:\downloads\bolt

I tested SNES, neoGEO en a few others – no problems there….

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