More bolt on packs?

john asked 3 months ago

Hello 🙂  
First I’d like to thank all the people behind , this includes all the uploaders  that put out this awesome packs , my question is ,  will there be more Packs coming soon ?  I think MAME / Sega Saturn / NEO GEO / taito type x / turbo Graph x 16 / Famicom / super famicom / sega 32x / sega model 2 & 3 / should definitely come 🙂  are you guys working on more packs ?

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JTrom answered 3 months ago

I was in cyber chat with one of the Bolt-on crew earlier, they explained that there had been a few problems, from what I recall :-

1) Many people who were involved never actually did anything bar take, take take, leaving only 2 guys
2) The bolt on was released for arcade cabs, but most people who download wanted with controllers, thus constantly complaining on forums and such that they couldnt get to work
3) They ARE in re-development with another crew, on a formatted, working release due anytime soon, both a CAB version and CONTROLLER (XBOX360) version, each bolt-on will be re-released with [CAB] or [X360] tags on them dependant on what system it is, there will be a -SUDDEN UPDATE- for those with the core bolt on pack, to just overwrite to get to these versions
4) They are actively seeking people who can assist

Hope this helps – the project is 100% not abandoned, the guys are literally building their own cabs with it.

Peaches answered 2 months ago

JTrom, if this is all true…. i just became quite moist. I am on the 360/DS4 controller crowd at the moment.
Ill eventually build my cabinet but until then that’s the perfect solution to me. Will the emulators be preconfigured for the controller im guessing?

DJ-AS answered 2 months ago

I have download the Bolt-On edition and i have a few problems. I’m in the middle of the creation of a Arcade for my family and we can help you if you want.
It’s the least I can do for you.
Sorry about my english but is not my “default” lenguage xD (I’m from Argentina).

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