My controller does not work – how can I get it to the work.?

Arcade QuestionsCategory: RetroPie-DrMaxwellMy controller does not work – how can I get it to the work.?
Anon Staff asked 3 months ago

My controller does not work – how can I get it to the work. .

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Arcade Punk Staff answered 3 months ago

This shows you how

Anon Staff answered 3 months ago

Well I got controls in retroarch working through trial and error (lot’s of error), in case anyone else has the issue allow me to explain what I did. First thing is to get controls working in Emulation Station (ES) by deleteing the cfg as mentioned above and adding a new controller. Then go to Retropie option (in ES), choose Configuration Editor, (using a usb keyboard now) Choose option 1 ‘Configure basic libreto emulator options’, I then chose 1 default options for all emulators, then 7 choose joypad order, then picked my usb pad for all players. Used Esc on keyboard to back out. Not perfect but something working finally. I hope it helps you.

Anon Staff answered 3 months ago

I’ve been keeping up on this thread, and I think I figured it out finally. (I just got a RPi3 and started this project 2 nights ago myself). I did the recommended

“Press F4 for command then type the following…
rm /home/pi/.emulationstation/es_input.cfg
relaunch ES


That got my controllers working in the Emulation Station GUI. From there, go to the RetroPie tab, and select the Retroarch Config option. Once in that menu, using the keyboard, go to Settings, then Input, then go to Bind Input 1, tell it which controller you have for player 1 and select the Bind All option. This will start a process by which you can assign buttons, much like the same process in the ES GUI. Repeat this for the second controller by going to Bind Input 2. This should then configure all of the emulators controls for you. At least, this has worked so far for me…

Fernando Ribeiro answered 2 months ago

Hey man, I follow all the steps but i cant use the controller. Just the buttons A and B. Could you help me ?

shabs answered 2 months ago

Hi, i have same problem as Fernando , if there someone can help 

soniqueboom answered 1 month ago

I too, have only succeeded to have my gamepad work in the emulation station gui, and when I load games, only A & B work, but not the d-pad. What am I missing here?

Born_North answered 1 month ago

Same boat as you guys 🙁 A + B only work. Have tried the above suggestion to no avail.
Tried to understand what the video author was trying to show, but sometimes I thing they forget there are still n00bs to this thing out there. 

Born_North answered 1 month ago

Ok.. sorted it out <whew>
Like you guys, all I could do was to scroll through the emulations and select, but not able to use the controllers during game play (only A and B button worked)
I ended up having to go into retroarch and its configuration of controllers. The secret was to remember to ‘save’ the configuration for each controller. Then before exiting retroarch, do a ‘save on exit’ (turned off by default)
All my reading said that when you set your controllers in EmulationStation it was supposed to automatically set them up (save them) in Retroarch, but it didnt.

The Red Head answered 4 weeks ago

I have done the:  
rm /home/pi/.emulationstation/es_input.cfg
and restarted and have a working controller in ES.   But I have no working controller within games.  Looking at the FAQ, it appears I need to go into retroarch and configure my controller there.  However, when I launch it via the ES menu, I can\’t do anything.  The keyboard doesn\’t do anything and my controller doesn\’t do anything.  I get stuck in the menu.  Any suggestions?

Pippo answered 4 weeks ago

hi guys
i use a wired ps3 controlled most of you it is working in ES frontend but in games no. As suggested i went in retroarch menu but when there i can’t select any of the options because neither the pad nor the usb keyboard are working. Pad is plugged in port 0 and keyboard in port 1 ( keys are highlighted so it works)
Any suggestion?

steve grimsley answered 1 week ago

Found this on you tube and my gamepad now works perfect in ALL emulators

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