Nestopia Fullscreen trouble

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Christopher asked 2 weeks ago

I’ve just downloaded the base Bolton editon for Hyperspin, which is fantasitc, however i’m Having soe trouble getting the NES emu to load with all of my video settings. I can get it to launch indipendantly in full screen, 4:3 and some blur by opening it from the rocket UI and the emu itself but when going into Hypserpin it keeps opening it in a widescreen window. very frustrating as im nearly there figuring out the basics but is there some setting that is overriding it somewhere? i thought that Rocket ui was in charge of global settings? ive gone to the  modules tab and changed global settings full screen to true, and in the Emu i’ve checked to start in full screen mode. but once i test opening in Hyperspin in reverts back to unchecked in the actual Nestopia app. 
There’s obviously something i’m missing. If anyone could give me a nudge in the right direction i’d really appreciate it.

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