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I have a few issues with an xbox i purchased that has coinops 8 installed.  It starts and i see only 4124 games instead of 4191 .  So i did a rescan all games and took forever, but still at 4124.  I tried a reset all settings in advanced setting and it started from scratch and still 4124.  But the real issue is that coinops 8 loads okay, but then if I go to start any game, it basically just freezes and nothing ever loads… and cant soft reset either.  Ive tried this on several games, and even if I try to change the sort coinops 8 freezes.   Any idea on how to fix this.  I know that this coinops 8 folder is located on drive F://arcade
I have another xbox with a perfectly working coinops 8 massive.  I wanted to know if I can ftp into the working xbox and copy coinops 8 massive folder back to pc, and then perhaps delete the non-working coinops 8 folder and then ftp transfer the working coinops 8 folder back from PC to new xbox… if this makes sense

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