I_died_Once got in touch and shared with us this amazing 128gb HyperPie based Pi 3 attract mode image, sure you first boot into emulation station, just to set your controllers, but then reboot into attract mode and this is where the fun really begins!

I was looking to make a polished, looks good on a high definition TV, easy to use, straight-forward Raspberry Pi // RetroPie image. I wanted a system that is “closed off” and act as if it were in a sandbox environment with a “user has no keyboard” approach, and as few ways to bork the system. Most, if not all Hyperpie branding is removed, and the Attract Mode Setup has been reworked and skimmed down with little to no ways to break this without a keyboard.

I know quite a few images have been released, and I know I am not breaking any new grounds, this is really just the image **I** wanted to have and share with others. If this image does not fit your needs, it is up to you to refer to the internet for how you would want to proceed forward with your own image. Some of the things I about this image that might be of note throughout this document….

I dub this image: I_Died_Once’s 128gb Hyperpie image: C. R. I. S. P. (Get a whiff of THIS edition!) (CRISP = CustomRetro¬†Installed Selections(Pi-Rated ))

In short, burn this image to a 128gig Micro SD Card. Go through the controller setup with the controllers I included, go to “Switch to Attract Mode” and enjoy! I recommend doing this before handing the system over. No keyboard required.

The image is designed to be ran in Attract Mode, although I do have an Emulation Station setup going if ever needed. Upon initial boot, you will be asked to setup the controller and go through the initial controller setup. Set up your controller in the menu that will automatically load. Once done, go into the Retropie menu, and boot into Attract Mode. I reccomend doing this and testing basic functionality prior to distributing the system.

I have the Attract Mode Setup Menu disabled by default. Since kids and curious teenagers are likely to end up with the end product, as well as a measure to make it more polished and “closed off” , and in line with the design that a keyboard is not required, the Attract Mode Setup menu is disabled by default as shipped. The option is present in the attract mode configuration, if one wanted to turn it back on, but that will require a keyboard. I don’t want anyone accidentally locking themselves out or borking the image. If you use a different controller, you will need keyboard to configure the inputs and buttons for within Attract Mode. There are youtube videos and documentation all over the internet that will show you how to accomplish this. (press TAB on a keyboard…. Displays > “Displays Menu” > change both No’sto Yes’s)

The image is Hyperpie v1.0 to begin with. I applied the 1.1 updates, updated the entire system, OS as well. I did my work on this on a Raspberry Pi 3, model B. I can not and will not say if this will work on anything but a Raspberry Pi 3, model B; I personally do not suggest wasting your time trying this on anything EXCEPT a Raspberry Pi 3, model B. The Retropie project might say otherwise, this is your call to pursue.

I really, really liked MadLittlePixel’s Hyperpie image, but it included a lot of systems that, while I’m sure they would work, they do not fit MY needs, like the Commodore 64 and other of the home computer type of systems, which while those are neat to have, I’m not thinking that the average user would want to go through all the hassle of setup. With all the different keyboard types, I am not prepared to worry about the learning curve involved with that so I took those out. Not everyone is going to have a keyboard, and I don’t have THAT many to give out, so I built this image with the assumption that not everyone will have a keyboard or will want to hassle with a keyboard.

I also absolutely LOVED the PiPiggies 128gb Motion Blue based image, with all the collections, a focus on working functionality. I am not a fan of the Motion Blue Attract Mode theme all the way, but there is much to take from this. So I started to drag and drop various configs and what not and ended up borking my system and had to start over. This is where I started fresh with the Hyperpie 1.0 image.

I put this little bad boy ūüėČ in the config.txt file, so there is a “base” overclock in action.

This is why I reccomend using the BIQU Aluminum Raspberry Pi 3 case: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01H8L4EM8
This case *IS* a heat sink, is cheap, and works for my purposes.

I also turned off the overscan in the config.txt file to remove any black bars on the outer boarder of the screen, giving a full screen display.

Nintendo 64Atari 5200some MAME / Final Burn Alpha
In short, some games call for controller types with more buttons than what you may have in your hand. This is one issue with the Atari 5200. One problem for the Nintendo 64 is that the emulators and the OpenGL are not completely compatible and the RPi either doesn’t give full OpenGL support as the chipset it uses is proprietary, or some such along those lines. For the arcade games, I’m willing to bet that most / any non-functionality may be due to bad configs or some other fuck up on my behalf, although everything I have play tested works without issue since I used PiPiggies’ config and switching to using the mame-2010 emulator.

In Attract Mode, the top level display-menu listing logic is as follows:
ARCADE¬†CONSOLECD-Rom – CD based systems, will not be full romsets due to sizeHANDHELDCOLLECTIONS”OTHER COLLECTIONS” – Hacks, Pinball, SHMUPSWRAP-UP – Attract Mode Setup, Favorites, Kodi
To go deeper….
Arcade  MAME Final Burn Alpha Neo Geo CAVE Console  Atari Vectrex Nintendo Sega Grafx CD-Rom Playstation Sega CD Dreamcast PC Engine CD-Rom TurboGrafx CD Handheld Atari Sega Sony Nintendo Neo Geo Wonderswan
Collections    Arcade     Themed shmups pinball Mature Hacks
Wrap-Up¬† Attact Mode Setup (the regular is disabled by default, I left a skimmed down version in it’s place) Kodi Favorites

I suggest using the Logitech F310 controller I sent. It’s a cheap but great controller and is what I personally used when setting up this image. Kodi, Dreamcast, and the default (for you!) config in Attract Mode will likely reflect this controller. It’s a nice little controller, but if you don’t like it, feel free to re-set it as you please.
Here is where I like to purchase mine, usually right at the $20 mark, works right out of the box on a Raspberry Pi 3. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B003VAHYQY
It expects a Super Nintendo controller type setup for the play buttons, so when setting this up in Emulation Station, and it asks for inputs for B, A, X, and Y… swap the B and A, and then the X and Y… on the Logitech F310, anyway. Google an image of the SNES controller, and no matter what your buttons are labelled, use that layout for what it expects and everything will work…
The exception being the Dreamcast. If you use a different controller, I suggest using the retropie setup script to go to Manage Packages, Optional, Reicast, configure / options, and go through the input configuration. You’ll need a keyboard for this but the games will work great if you do. If using the Logitech F310, my config will work as shipped.
Attract Mode is also configured for the Logitech F310. If you go with something else, you may want to go through the controller settings for the menu.

I removed a lot of the not used and un-needed snaps, wheel art, and junk for systems and games not included in my image, this freed up a bit of space to add other games!
I have random splashscreens in use, and I also removed the intro video, as I found it annoying and an un-needed delay.
Using the Motion Blue loading screens / run command screens. I think they are prettier.

Attract Mode
I’m using Hyperpie themes for all systems; Arcade’s, home consoles, handhelds, and hacks. For all collections, I’m using Hursty’s B2B-1000 theme. Collection and the main display wheels are on the left, collection wheels are on the right.
All top level, main display video snaps are in HD (720 I believe) exept the one for the Pokemon collection, I don’t think anyone has made one.
Replaced the Hyperpie static video clip with the one of actual static, 2 megs vs. 25 megs a pop. Made a huge different across all the hyperpie system themes.

Emulation Station
Default is the Hyperpie theme, but with the background images replaced with the defaults for HurstyBlue. I wanted to use HurstyBlue, but the Hyperpie theme is the only theme I could find that had images / icons for all of the the systems, like some of the lesser Sega systems. So that is a little hacked up but you’ll be fine.

I have Kodi installed and setup as I like it, you will need to connect to the internet in order to watch or so anything with it. I suggest wiring in with an Ethernet cable. Kodi is open source and can be further configured per several articles, sites, and youtube videos, I am not a Kodi expert, what you do with the setup once the image is yours is up to you. This is not a “main feature” of the image, I followed a guide by Mchanga on youtube (she is awesome and the real deal – mad love to this youtuber, I defer all Kodi questions to her)

If you make any significant updates that you think I might benefit from having, and that I might can add to my image for future updates, please email them to [email protected], include the word “Retropie” in the subject so it doesn’t get lost, mmm’k? I’mnot beyond re-releasing a version 2 / remix / Part Deux if significant fixes or updates were to be made and there was interest.
I am already considering another image and looking at ways to improve upon this current work. I’ll be around and will let you know my progress come time. All will depend on the interest I get on this.

There may or may not be some extra, unlisted hacked NES and Genesis games only accessible from Emulation Station, if one were to decide to go there. Some are raunchy and inappropriate, no decent person should ever look these up, no artwork and the roms aren’t listed anywhere. Found them in the early 00’s on peer to peer, not all are that great. Some are outright deplorable and should not be played by anyone.¬†If a clown farts, does it smell funny?
Play the shit out of this.




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Arcade Punks is a website devoted to home build arcade modders, builders, restorers and those that love the retro gaming scene, we try and interact by supplying links and information of some use - we rely on submitted links from a great team of readers and project owners.