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Adding independent ROMs/emulators to Coinops Diamon
3 Posts
October 27, 2020 - 1:27 am

I decided to try Coinops Diamonds, as I put it on an xbox for my grandkids, and they love it. I have a stand alone arcade pedestal powered by an i5 4600.

I donated a large amount of blood a few years ago installing and configuring Hyperspin. I was ecstatic that once I extracted the Diamonds onto my HDD, I started it, and - it worked - With a bit a tweaking for Mame to find my controls. Very impressed.

What I can't figure out is how to add my own ROMs/emulators. and I can't find an answer.

Can anyone point me in the right direction?

17 Posts
October 27, 2020 - 7:07 am

CoinOPS Diamonds is arcade only. If you want other emulators, try CoinOPS Next 2, which is already set up for arcade games, home game consoles and more. Modular packs are available here that can be easily copied directly into the main folder to add additional games and systems. Works first time!

3 Posts
October 27, 2020 - 2:09 pm

So the only option is modular packs - you can't pick and choose; and you can't add emulators to a Coinops build?

well, damn.

I didn't download the NEXT as I wanted to ensure my arcade cabinet controls would be supported and Diamonds lookd solid in that respect.

But I want more ability to configure things to my liking, and add my trackball /spinner games. Looks like I'm still in the hunt. Maybe I'll try Launchbox/BigBox.

I just hate Hyperspin. You spend a lot of time getting it right, and then when you want to mess with it a few years later, you've forgotten everything (or maybe that's just me)

anyway, thanks for the response.

17 Posts
October 27, 2020 - 7:35 pm

You certainly can add them yourself, but all the work has already been done for you! If the Diamonds build is working on your setup, CoinOPS Next 2 should as well, with similar changes that you made to Diamonds for your controls. With the add on packs, the emulator is already set up and ROMs and graphic elements are included. All you would need to do is configure the emulator for your control scheme, which you would have to do anyway when starting from scratch.

if you really want to do it all yourself, the front end used in CoinOPS Diamonds and Next is RetroFE. Full documentation is available on the RetroFE website to set up or modify an existing build.

Either way you go, good luck!

3 Posts
October 28, 2020 - 3:59 am

appreciate the post.

I'm getting smarter on Front Ends. that's a fact. I want one that is easy to add and subtract to. I don't want to add packs. But, I'm getting smarter, so there's that.

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