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Original XBOX SATA HDD Help
10 Posts
June 27, 2019 - 3:43 am
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Hey guys I don't want to step on toes.  I encourage you to do your own research as I'm no expert on this topic .  I've been tinkering around with some Xbox's as of late and soft modded 3, tsop'd one, bough one with an xecuter x3.  I've read you can get a 4tb HDD but it doesn't really make sense.  The Xbox can only only utilize a portion of that.  Basically you can use a full 2tb HDD, and access all of the space on it but anything higher might not make sense.  If you use a 3TB HDD you can gain an extra ~185gb (I think), but you won't be able to access any of the space beyond that. So out of that 3TB HDD your'll get 2TB+185GB or so.  Guess it is a limitation of the machine.  So if its worth it to you to get an extra 185 gigs or so for a few extra roms, could be an ok amount 40-50 a 3TB is probably the way to go.  I think the 4tb would be overkill and you might be wasting some money as you'll still only get the 2TB+185GB.  Also there is some pros and cons out there on the HDD vs SDD.  Sounds like you may gain a few seconds on loads, but people question if the constant writes the Xbox does to the HD if it would wear the drive out faster.  I don't know that discussion was a little over my head.


65 - I think the adapter you are looking for is a 40 pin ide to sata adapter.  I've bought StarTech(.com) branded ones and they have worked for me.  A little more expensive but they have a ide power splitter that helps when you'll hotswap.  There's some recent videos on youtube that are pretty good, think one is by Pence and anther I like is by Dr. Mario.  The wheelman82 also has some videos on tsop if you want to get a little crazier, interesting stuff either way, and an excellent guide.  You'll also need a 40 pin 80 wire IDE cable.  Check up online for a xbox hdd compatibility website.  I've read most SATA drives are lockable but I don't have much knowledge in that.  I can say the seagate 2tb compute one locked for me and I had no issues.  While your doing all of this or before also strongly consider nulling your HDD and EEPROM with the recent Rocky5 softmod.  I personally would upgrade to that if my soft mod was that old and I was going to start to tinker around.  I guess take this with a grain of salt as I'm no expert though.

Like I said I'm not meaning to step on toes, have fun boys.

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May 23, 2019 - 7:28 am
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Hello 65sc102:

The original XBOX will support that big of a HDD but the problem is that the HDD will usually get corrupted or you will have hangs or long load times due to HDD fragmentation. I do not know if this is the same with a softmod or not. I had my XBOX with a Smart XX V3 and then disabled my Smart XX and eventually removed it after I was able to do a successful TSOP Flash. I have a very cheap and nasty looking IDE to SATA Adapter. The problem is that most SATA Drives will not lock. This is why I chose to do a TSOP where you do not need to worry about any HDD locking at all.

My ultimate plan is to eventually invest in a 4TB SATA SSD! I hope this will eliminate all of the fragmentation lockup and long load problems that I had when I was trying to run the SATA 4TB HDD! In order to get the 4TB HDD to work you also need to lba 48 patch the BIOS. I can not remember if I used a pre patched Executer 2 flash file or if I patched the file with EVtool. If you use EVtool you use it at your own risk and it is mostly used for mod chip flash files and Evox flash files as well!  I too want to get this ting up and running again very soon but the problem had been the funds toward the very expensive 4TB SATA SSD! The only reason I am game is if all fails I will have at least a very nice SSD for my Desktop worse case.



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March 19, 2019 - 4:59 am
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Years back I soft modded my xbox with splinter cell and later upgrading it with a 250GB IDE HDD

Now 10 years have past and I feel like making another but this time I want to fit a 3TB or  4TB SATA HDD with a SATA/IDE adapter and was wondering if anyone here could give me some tips on the best type of adapter to use or if such a large capacity HDD is even possible ?


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