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Pi Front Ends and Images

A place to discuss Pi images (Even pre-builts) and various Pi front ends including (but not limited too) RetroPie, Emulation Station, Attract Mode, RecallBox and more.
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Run Retropie from USB Hard Drive WITHOUT the need for SD card at all!By Ninja UK7 Answers · 7,282 ViewsLast post by TheBear, 1 month ago
By TheBear
1 month ago
Downloaded Image has no soundBy Ninja UK1 Answer · 1,347 ViewsLast post by Patzfan78, 1 month ago
By Patzfan78
1 month ago
3B+ is new - old 3B Images wont work on 3B+ (but will the other way around!)By Jaz8084 Answers · 930 ViewsLast post by retromikey6, 2 months ago
By retromikey6
2 months ago
Mad Little Pixels 16gb V4 Retro Classics Image - controller fix...By Ninja UK5 Answers · 3,941 ViewsLast post by THRobinson, 1 year ago
By THRobinson
1 year ago
HOW TO SET UP CONTROLLER IN ATTRACT MODEBy Ninja UK0 Answers · 2,347 ViewsLast post by Ninja UK2 years ago
By Ninja UK
2 years ago
HOW TO SET UP CONTROLLER ON FIRST BOOT (PiPiggies)By Ninja UK0 Answers · 2,055 ViewsLast post by Ninja UK2 years ago
By Ninja UK
2 years ago
How To Add Packs To Motion BlueBy Punk Mover0 Answers · 1,993 ViewsLast post by Punk Mover, 2 years ago
By Punk Mover
2 years ago
How to install Roms to Hard Drive with HyperPie (PI EDITION)By Ninja UK0 Answers · 2,646 ViewsLast post by Ninja UK2 years ago
By Ninja UK
2 years ago
Need help editing favorites list on Wolfanoz 32gb imageBy spaldingclan1 Answer · 46 ViewsLast post by spaldingclan, 16 hours ago
By spaldingclan
16 hours ago
Newbie with "illegal instruction" errorBy Smithfield Guy0 Answers · 47 ViewsLast post by Smithfield Guy, 3 days ago
By Smithfield Guy
3 days ago
Steering wheelsBy Gaprofitt0 Answers · 40 ViewsLast post by Gaprofitt, 4 days ago
By Gaprofitt
4 days ago
Wolfanoz 32gb arcade only image help!!!By z-rider3 Answers · 371 ViewsLast post by remy300041, 5 days ago
By remy300041
5 days ago
Newbie question - merging imagesBy pyrrhus1 Answer · 122 ViewsLast post by Tom, 5 days ago
By Tom
5 days ago
PI 3B+ N64 and NES ImageBy artistg900 Answers · 176 ViewsLast post by artistg90, 6 days ago
By artistg90
6 days ago
[256gb]-Platinum Xi Old.School Ampd.Edition.ES+AM -VirtualManBy gradius0 Answers · 158 ViewsLast post by gradius, 1 week ago
By gradius
1 week ago
Virtualman Gold Old School EditionBy nomis0 Answers · 90 ViewsLast post by nomis, 1 week ago
By nomis
1 week ago
n64 helpBy daniel Bendinelli0 Answers · 44 ViewsLast post by daniel Bendinelli, 1 week ago
By daniel Bendinelli
1 week ago
64 or 128 GB Image Suggestions for a NoobBy jeffreyropp0 Answers · 126 ViewsLast post by jeffreyropp, 1 week ago
By jeffreyropp
1 week ago
VertPie...By MrKai · 20 Answers · 1,510 ViewsLast post by sethbramwell, 1 week ago
By sethbramwell
1 week ago
RecalBox 32GB Image, some games not running fluently - is that normal?By temmyn3 Answers · 87 ViewsLast post by temmyn, 2 weeks ago
By temmyn
2 weeks ago
does the sound work on arcade games in Retro pie?By 2ball3 Answers · 89 ViewsLast post by 2ball, 2 weeks ago
By 2ball
2 weeks ago
128gb-RELoaded.Supreme Build.V2-Regalad &.WDG - Amiga emul. troubleBy DavidJones0 Answers · 177 ViewsLast post by DavidJones, 2 weeks ago
By DavidJones
2 weeks ago
Friday the 13th/horror themeBy looneymetal1 Answer · 104 ViewsLast post by Ninja UK2 weeks ago
By Ninja UK
2 weeks ago
set up questionsBy 2ball1 Answer · 175 ViewsLast post by Ninja UK2 weeks ago
By Ninja UK
2 weeks ago
Problems with Overlays / BezelBy Jamukah7 Answers · 194 ViewsLast post by morthael, 3 weeks ago
By morthael
3 weeks ago
Help with a theme.By TheBrownFalcon0 Answers · 85 ViewsLast post by TheBrownFalcon, 3 weeks ago
By TheBrownFalcon
3 weeks ago
How to remove bezels on all games on RetroRama Rampage Retropie V.2?By cojobe3 Answers · 371 ViewsLast post by rampage513, 3 weeks ago
By rampage513
3 weeks ago
Cobalt Galisteo - 128GB - 84 systems - 14.175 gamesBy galisteo3 Answers · 1,023 ViewsLast post by arnaldinho, 3 weeks ago
By arnaldinho
3 weeks ago