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Hyperspin 2TB MLP Issue
Chris Chros
2 Posts
June 8, 2021 - 3:41 pm


Maybe anybody can help me out. I got the 2TB MLP PC Version, extract everything but Hyperspin won´t start by clicking it…I tries several things with no success. I replaced Hyperspin with a newer version and it starts, but after that it comes up with pleanty errors when starting a game and so on. 

Anybody an idea why the original version does not even starts up?


I also got the 300GB Version Team AIO, this works fine. How is it possible to add the content of the 2TB version to my working 300GB Version. Or isnt this a good idea? I already copied the Media und Games folder, but at the moment I don´t know how what for infos this system needs to track the new games/media and emulators…


hope anybody some kind of ideas

Ninja UK
2093 Posts
June 8, 2021 - 11:52 pm

dont mix the 2

check your drive letters on your MLP one

Chris Chros
2 Posts
June 9, 2021 - 7:40 am

thanks for your reply,

the drive letter is correct (d:), also I checked the the folders. The thing is that even the whole system does not start when I double click hyperspin.exe or hyperhq.exe.

I checked the antivirus/firewall. Can there be a problem with windows and the hyperspin version or should any version run under the latest win10?

Gary Haggard
3 Posts
July 8, 2021 - 5:03 pm

you need the sxs.dll for newer hyperspins to work

1 Posts
November 1, 2021 - 1:01 pm


I am having the same exact issue as you, same with the AIO. Did you ever get the MLP pack working? The only thing I have not done yet is update the HS version as I am doing a fresh install after wiping my PC and HDD.

EDIT: So I did a fresh install of all files last night and got it working for anyone else having this issue. I recommend downloading the needed files first then disconnecting from the internet prior to shutting off your firewall. See steps below;

1 – Make sure your drive letter is D and turn off all firewall settings (Windows detects some files as trojans but really they are just patches, mainly found in the PC Games)

2 – Add all files to new folder “Arcade” on root of D drive and rename the roms folder to “Games”

3 – Add sxs.dll file to root from link: https://hyperspin-fe.com/files/file/21571-windows-10-build-2004-hyperspin-fix-official/

4 – Update Hyperspin to 1.5.1 from link: https://hyperspin-fe.com/files/file/17586-hyperspin-151-upgrade-files/

5 – Turn on your firewall and reconnect to the internet then run RocketLauncher and apply updates as there are duplicated modules with the original build


EDIT2: You may need to also install Microsoft DirectX if it’s not already on your machine. Since I wiped my PC prior to the fresh install I needed to install it for some of the emulators to run.

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