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Hi guys
5 Posts
February 22, 2021 - 7:15 pm

I'm a 40 year old guy from the Netherlands.

about 10 years ago i starten a arcade build with a friend, he did the software (hyperspin) and i did the building of the cabinet

we made a prototype that was playable but we never finished it becourse of his growing drugs problems 🙁

I broke dow the cabinet but left the plate with the joysticks and buttons complete.

Now i have a new job and i have time again to start building a new 4 player cabinet with a trackball and spinner:-)

I downloaded a hyperspin pack and started playing again but the controls gave some problems, in the old prototype cabinet we used old keyboard pcb's and soldered some wires on it but that did not work 100% all the time 

so i updated it with a i-pac 2 and started playing again and it works fine 🙂 after that i updated my joysticks with ultimarc servosicks for 4 and 8 way games 🙂

now i see more and more of coinops and i find it difficult to choose what i am going to use in my new build.

can someone tell me the good and bad things of Hyperspin and Coinops next 2 ?

Maybe choosing will become easier after that 🙂

Ninja UK
1724 Posts
February 22, 2021 - 7:36 pm


Hyperspin and RetroFE are both amazing front ends, Coinops is the "themes" and addons , added to RetroFe.

Loaded Hyperspin builds, and Loaded CoinOps builds are both decent, the "trend" seems to be LARGE Hyperspin packs (in the tbs!) or CoinOps packs you keep adding to.

CoinOps seem to be set up, so you simply add the pack with minimal fuss, large TB Hyperspin builds seem to be stuffed with filler.

Im going to be using a CoinOps Diamonds build in my cab, diamonds is aimed at Arcade CABS, - or - May hang on for this CoinOps Ninja (about to go public).

There are also some other fantastic options to consider, the CORE AIO builds, Complete Play and much more, its all preference!

5 Posts
February 22, 2021 - 8:19 pm

Hehe now you made it harder to choose 😀

I will download coinops and test it, to see what i like the best.

Thanks for all the info.

When i start building my new cab. i wil show some pictures here.

But first ill need to download everything and get all the software working.

Maybe ill help making a raspberry pi 4, 2 player cab. build with the venom image for a good friend.

I also read something here about softmodding the original xbox, i'm interested in that also 🙂

so ill be active on this forum reading and learning allot, and if i can help some people with info ill help 🙂

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