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New to CoinOps community and have crazy questions
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February 28, 2021 - 11:48 pm

Hello, I am happy beyond description about CoinOps and the Arcade Punks web community. I have tried for months without success trying to use Launch Box and Retroarch, which are great products, but hard to find all the components so they will work. Now, I finally have a working game center for my kids but I have a crazy situation. I have forgotten which packs I have added.

1st  question: Is there a registry or something similar that tells which packs have been added to CoinOps.Next.2.Standard.R2.R3.R2.ART.ARC_OFFICIAL.ARC_R2_OFFICIAL-January.2021-Furio? BTW: I had to shortened the name due to an installation issue with the length of name. I know I have added the Official Arcade Pack but am having trouble remembering which other packs I installed. I am just trying to avoid downloading and installing a pack a second time.

2nd Question: I love arcade and I would like to have some newer console games too. The Arcade Pack is great and I am thinking GameCube and Play Station1 for the console games. Please offer a suggestion about which base and add on pack to use so I don't end up with a lot of duplicate games. An example is Metal Slug, Street Fighter and Frogger all seem to be a part of other packs. Or, if the system has away to weed out duplicate games, please let me know. Currently, I am trying;

1)  CoinOps.Next.2.Standard.R2.R3.R2.ART.ARC_OFFICIAL.ARC_R2_OIFFICIAL-January.2021-Furio with the Official ARCADE PACK and some Consol PACKS

2)  CoinOps - GEM

 3) I may try a Diamond Pack next

3rd Question; Is there a way to delete games from add on pack after the installation? I would like to delete sport games and any adult oriented games I come across. My kids are young and it would also save some HDD space.

Thank you for any help you can offer.



If it helps anyone, for about $350, my setup seems to run most games without issue (Windows 10, I5-3470, NVIDIA GT 1030, 500 GB HDD internal, Xbox 360 controller, 24" Acer KA242Y BI ). The PC is refurbished through Newegg for about $120 and the GT 1030 is about $100. The Xbox 360 controller is awesome but can be hard to get. The Power A xbox controller from Walmart is about $25 and really good too. Monitor was $120 on sale. i had a hard time deciding on what to buy so I hope this helps someone wanting to get into gaming. I know people call this retro gaming but my kids have never seen these kinds o games before. It isn't really retro gaming to them.

Have a great day gaming.

Ninja UK
1835 Posts
March 1, 2021 - 4:11 pm

question 1- , only the actual main post will tell  you whats added, re-adding packs is fine

question 2 - any coinops next 2 add-on packs will run on coinops next 2

question 3 - just literally go in and delete the games and they will stop showing 🙂

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