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Arcade Punks Website Update January 2019
1810 Posts
January 19, 2019 - 11:19 am
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Just a little post on whats been happening recently on Arcade Punks, what has happened prior and whats about to happen - before you worry too much, dont, its all 100% positive news and has been all the way. First lets clear up a few things....


All we are seeing is people asking why the downloads have been removed (or worse still, why we have moved over to NZB Only - which we HAVE NOT!) - Here's a little video to show you where the big lists of downloads have gone, and when you think about it - it makes PERFECT SENSE...


         "Well FUCK ME, look at that they are in Archives 2018" - Ninja uK

We are quite proud of our NZB section, but believe there are hardly any "NZB ONLY" downloads, all downloads on the site are usually given with multiple sources, such as torrent,, google drive, direct or other - We advise anyone who prefers torrent to jump on downloads as soon as possible - on average Arcade Punks will seed something for TWO MONTHS since its release day before clearing it from their farm of seedboxes (12 at present! - this does not mean everything is seeded on all!).

NZBs/Usenet is PERFECT for large downloads, you get your full internet speed, no sharing, no buffering and can have most files as fast as your internet can handle - it really is worth paying a couple of bucks a month for - we have a few videos to show you what else you can use Usenet for in the pipelines. But check out our "What is NZBs and USENET" article for more info - its well worth a read and test!


We have a list of items which we have been working through, some of you may be eagle eyed enough to notice the whole theme has recently changed on the website - we have changed the theme to make the site more responsive for mobile users, (ughhh new tech!) - faster loading via out cache and more automated for bringing you the information as soon as possible. We have also manually sorted through THOUSANDS of links to ensure they are archived correctly and re-wrote the entire downloads system, which gives you faster, easier access to downloads without any interruptions - here's a copy of our internal changelog (dates removed):-


  • Removal of bounce window on leaving the site *
  • Removal of Social Locker plugin (like to see content bullshit) *
  • Removal of like/sub for content (as above)*
  • Removal of Social Media competitions for Likes/shares/Subs – All competitions/giveaways now on-site ONLY (shared via Social Media)
  • Removal of Adfly Site wide *
  • Additional FTP Servers – members
  • Additional Downloads - members
  • IRC Live Chat interface for members
  • Rewrite Download system into tables including NFO and Download methods
  • Rewrite site theme, something more responsive with faster caching
  • Add "Go Live" Button to website (staff only) to auto pick up YouTube live stream and stream to site
  • Add approval to the forums on posts (anti spam measures)
  • Added GDPR bullshit

Not yet Implemented

  • Removal of CPM Star advertising on side bars #
  • Addition of side advertiser #
  • IRC Live chat option for non-members
  • Pre-Package IRC Client
  • Re-create help section with own Arcade Punks, How-Tos including video media
  • Create our own project “Raspberry Pi Servers” to host some downloads on
  • Private Torrent Site / Torrent site credit – what will work?
  • Complete YouTube Channel Live Stream Set Up from Arcade Punks HQ
  • Add Dates to new Download System
  • Post translations - someone from Chile willing to translate to their locality (Spanish?) - look at adding authors to translate for their locality add their own advertising codes and speak to other countries via communities to seek others.
  • Look at getting some more moderators on the forums - its a great community on there!
  • Re-add Forum Topics to sidebar on-site (Widget)


The problem is, in the later part of 2018 we thought "Any day now the perfect Pi image will drop, there will be no need to have another one" - this truly is NOT the case, whilst there are still a few systems that COULD be emulated on the Pi, but aren't currently - there is also the fact that some of the ones that ARE emulated are quite crap - this doesnt mean that in time an emulator will arrive that will ensure they play smoother, this also doesn't mean a front end wont pop up that will use less memory and CPU - take a look at MiniCakeTVs latest claim that his new 128gb Batocera image is one such image, and whilst not perfect, it DOES look improved....

So, do we think "the be all to end all image will be here in 2019" - quite simply, No, developers, coders, image builders and media creators (such as Hursty) are constantly bettering things, if the question was "will MY perfect image be here this year" then the answer is possibly YES, you DONT NEED to have the latest, greatest image running if you have found the image that works for you.

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