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I am back!
39 Posts
September 23, 2021 - 1:39 pm

Hello Retrofans!


Back from a bit of coding hiatus… here is what I will be working on next:

1) Updating MyRetrozz Classic Minis volume 1-4 (Minis 1 = 30+ individual systems!) – automatic screen resolution calculator.

-presently I have a quasi autoswitch for 1080p and 4k.. but when playtesting on various friend’s crazy widescreen monitors the resolution ‘broke’ in Retroarch.

-working on a solution for this.. what I’ll do is calculate the user screen resolution and possibly create a retroarch cfg file on the fly for that resolution.

2) Continue work on the 8-bit computer series with TRS 80 and Apple ][ Mini. THIS will take a while.. being there are many nuances to these systems to be considered. No doubt after ‘release’ version I’ll be working on various updates as emulation features become better and my knowledge of these systems expands (never had either of these.. which actually makes this a lot of fun discovering software on these systems)

3) Updates to C64 Mini. I cannot remember exactly what I wanted to update.. but it was something probably important! I have a 64gb version and a 200+gb version btw. The 200+gb version includes the longplay videos.

4) Once TRS 80 and Apple ][ Mini which will take months btw.. continue on other 8-bit computer systems. Likely TI 99/4A.


End of Line.

Ninja UK
1960 Posts
September 24, 2021 - 9:37 pm

Welcome back


Would be interested in releasing a “catch up pack” publicly on the site for you – i.e. “everything up till now” in one big pack….


holler if you wanna chat gamer @ arcade punks dot com

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