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Merry Christmas from MyRetrozz - and updates.. updates updates..
40 Posts
December 27, 2020 - 11:18 pm

Merry Christmas programs!

First a story… about a flight sim. Yes, Flight Simulator 2020.

What does this have to do with Retro gaming??

Well.. in anticipation for this awesome sim.. I bought a 4k Monitor.

Much to my chagrin (or maybe angst?) I discovered MyRetrozz Classic Minis don’t ‘scale’ properly for 4k.

Now.. I *could* have just created a config for 4k and multiple icons to switch between and call it a day.. but in MyRetrozz land that’s NOT GOOD ENOUGH.

Spent a few days (+2 week configuring 50+ systems) developing a universal ‘autodetect’ option that will determine whether your monitor is 1080p or 4k and adjust the game accordingly. A

After all.. everything HAS to be automatic. The goal is to download, copy ANYWHERE, click and icon and select a game. No messing around with configuration files, emu menus, etc.

With that in mind.. an update is impending for MyRetrozz Classic Minis Volume 1 and Volume 4. Equally the update process must be very automated.. so I will need a bit of time to code that.


Our latest project MyRetrozz Spectrum Mini is 90% complete with only the plethora of magazines to add (who knew there were so many???)

The ‘release’ date will probably be mid January as I’ll need to spend a week or so testing(trying to break) it.

After Spectrum Mini.. keeping in line with the MyRetrozz PC Minis theme..

looking towards either Commodore PET or Apple ][.

PrObAbLy going to be Apple ][. I don’t know a huge amount about Apple ][ other than 6502 based (did some 6502 assembler on it.. as I had a C64 (6510) myself) and coincidentally I *think* the screen address of Apple ][ is $0400 (1024) same as C64).

Ninja UK
1986 Posts
December 27, 2020 - 11:53 pm

WOW you have been busy !!


Hope you like the small forum updates – working on the colours still yet, but you can notice a traditional editor in here already 🙂 

Happy Christmas 😀

40 Posts
January 23, 2021 - 3:56 pm

Hello Everyone!


All MyRetrozz Minis (Volume 1) have been updated with exception of LaserDisc Mini to automatically switch between 1080p and 4k upon starting.

The load time takes a bit longer..because the system is checking your screen rez when it loads.

To see how it works.. and adopt for your own menu setups, see hidden batch file start_emu.bat.

There are probably other updates which I’ve forgotten about.. but there’s always a version.txt file in each directory (hidden file) which has update info for each system.

Just unrar.. anywhere you want, and play. As usual ALL MyRetrozz systems are 100% portable and NO setup is ever required. My belief is this should be a click/play with no technical knowledge (great for parties, etc!).

Reason for delay on Laserdisc is that it doesn’t like 4k. Solution appears to be.. when 1080p go fullscreen, when 4k show in 1080p window. A reasonable compromise I think, unless I mess around with the daphne core in Retroarch.

Next I’ll update the Minis 4 set (mobile systems) and then just perhaps… finish up the Spectrum Mini (thousands of magazines to add still)


Rar password: MyRetrozz

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