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MyRetrozz - new project underway!
31 Posts
August 15, 2020 - 11:40 pm
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Our latest creation.. WIP

side note.. as I saw in an online post elsewhere CRT files are a mess to deal with. This is true. I’ve managed to create a proper loader however and any game that DOES work.. will.

I am going to guess this will take ~2 months to have fully completed as I want to add the full ‘experience’ to it like all other MyRetrozz systems.

31 Posts
September 30, 2020 - 6:12 am
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Sorry for delay everyone! Busy with lots of items.

It appears the old Vic 20 is much more complicated to emulate that I had thought.

I am sure anyone that’s tried to use a Vic20 emu know of the various challenges… which to be honest I was previously unaware of! I had a real Vic 20 ‘back in the day’ but only used it for a couple years before getting a C64 like anyone else.

Here are some of the unique challenges I’ve discovered:

1) Multipart cartridge files.. in particular Atari carts – this is working fine now. but took me a few days to work out how to do it seamlessly!

2) Multipart PRG files (.prg + data files and NOT on a predefined .D64 or .TAP) – I have a solution for this! Took me a few tries.. some crazy ideas but implementing this next.

3) A million (ok, maybe about 5 or 6) different memory cards and combinations – Each program/game/demo should automatically select the right one when starting.

Ultimately… as with anything MyRetrozz, everything should be seamless without any special interaction from user other than click and play. It might take a bit of time but that’s the goal.

Side note.. as with any MyRetrozz all ‘loaders’ etc fully documented scripts with commentary.. Same with C64 Mini, Atari 8-Bit Mini where various loader routines were required.

Questions certainly welcome.. but I think everything should be relatively obvious.

I’ve had a couple of weird issues with ‘squirrell’ language and how it works in Attract Mode.. and learned (again) that often asking for help in an internet forum usually ends up with less success than desired. In any event.. found a workaround, but certainly looking forward to using Attract Mode much more as it’s an incredibly powerful engine and many kudos to the author!!

I think after Vic 20 I’ll work on something much easier.. like ZX Spectrum! (I don’t know ANYTHING about these. but a friend asked so.. why not??) as I am going to do a whole series of computers. i.e. as many as possible in fact! 8-bit then 16 bit.

31 Posts
October 22, 2020 - 7:20 am
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Preview 2… it’s ALMOST done..

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