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MyRetrozz VIC-20 Mini Release thread
40 Posts
November 5, 2020 - 9:31 pm

Greetings programs!

Dateline: August 2020..

Just released MyRetrozz Atari 8-Bit Mini, next project in line (because someone asked on YT commentary) VIC-20, This was on ‘the list’ for PC Minis Volume 1, but the ‘how hard could it be’ thought crosses my mind.

Well.. it’s complicated. VERY complicated it turns out. What I thought would be a week, perhaps 2 project ended up being nearly 3 months.

Given MyRetrozz does nothing half-assed.. it has to be perfect,. and 100% portable like all MyRetrozz Minis with NO messing around to get it to work.

Et voila..

The MyRetrozz VIC-20 is FINALLY completed and ready to roll out.

———–Upload in progress—- full links to be available Nov 5, 2020

Meanwhile, here is the MyRetrozz VIC-20 Mini manual to read while you think of many late night sessions of Radar Rat Race, Raid on Fort Knox, and Chicken Little

Thank you all for your patience! It was/is a fun project and I hope you all enjoy!

Note: undocumented feature.. just in case I missed updating one or two of the thousands of screenshots.. press F8 to take screenshot. The system will automatically add to the menu. Please note if playing in NTSC it will take the NTSC screenshot, similarly for PAL. If either doesn’t exist, it will use the alternate (NTSC menu will show PAL screenshot or vice versa IF required)

I think left trigger on controller does same as F8

————————Download Links start here—————————————-

**All files uploaded and ready to go!**

Full size is ~68gb + PAR2 files if required.

Password: MyRetrozz

Unrar anywhere.. and run. Note: Need Windows 64bit, 7, 8,10 , Directx9 (included with pack, see manual or under readme dir)


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