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New Project! MyRetrozz Classic Minis
13 Posts
March 30, 2020 - 12:26 am
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Channel Created.. videos uploaded!

MyRetrozz Classic Gaming Experience:



13 Posts
March 24, 2020 - 7:40 am
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Hello Everyone,

After many years as a (now classic) gamer, developer, Project Manager, and emulation enthusiast I'd like to give something back to the community in a BIG way.

I'd like to introduce the MyRetrozz Classic Minis series, of which Volumes 1-6 encompass pretty much every console available from Odyssey 2 to Playstation 2.

Why is THIS series great?

Some background:

I got tired of always messing around with various configurations for controllers, emulator settings file locations, updates, and especially when trying to share with friends.

Taking inspiration from THIS SITE and Harrison Hacks with the NES/SNES classic minis I decided to create my own 'Classic Minis' series including an updated version of Harrison Hack's Classic Minis for NES/SNES (hopefully he doesn't mind.. if so please write to me!) and then expanded into every classic console I could possibly think of up to PS2.

As you can imagine.. this is a LOT OF TB. I am new to the whole 'torrent thing', at least on the creation side of it so please bear with me whilst I create some torrents. I'll create one per system.

..back to why it's great.

1) Using the awesome power of Attract mode along with some great layouts (which I've tweaked/edited for purpose) I've set up a system that is truly plug and play.

2) I've used the equally awesome Retroarch where possible which greatly streamlines the controller config and have added additional controller configurations and custom setups for video with tweaks to make the best possible experience ever whether it be for arcade or console emulation.

3) Unzip the system(s) and put ANYWHERE. No drive letter or directory requirements. Copy to a flash drive (the arcade set fits JUST in a 256gb flash) if you wish. All high scores, nvram etc save to the directory where the system lives.

4) Full colour manuals with instructions, screenshots, etc.. in PDF.

5) Update will ALWAYS be automated with update scripts that can be run from anywhere to 'update' your system(s). Right now it's based on 'volumes' but given some time I can breakdown the model to individual systems. I've tried to put meaningful commentary in the update scripts, so anyone can take use, update for their own purposes if desired.

Whilst I figure out how to create the necessary torrents for the classic minis.. I've put my first installment of the 'Classic PC Minis' series online, which is the C64 Classic Mini (Release candidate 1, because I have a few more items I'd like to add like GEOS)

I've started on the Atari 8 Bit Classic Mini as well but that's early beta.. may have some bugs (available online as well).

This has been a project about a year and a half in the making, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I have creating it, and this would not be possible without the inspiration from this site, seeing the awesome work of Harrison Hacks, and of course authors of Attract Mode and Retroarch to say the least!

Here is the link to grab the C64 Classic Mini (RC1 presently, hoping to have it to final end of this weekend). It fits perfectly on a 16gb flash drive.. (on purpose)







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