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How to update core on 128gb Fully Loaded Playstation Classic Pack – Emulation Station on your PSX Mini – Nintendoman SMASHES IT #bestbuildtodate
20 Posts
April 22, 2021 - 6:38 pm

I am using 128gb Fully Loaded Playstation Classic Pack – Emulation Station on your PSX Mini – Nintendoman SMASHES IT #bestbuildtodate
on my Playstation Classic. Works great, but some games, N64 mostly and some SEGA console games are sometimes in low framerate. 

What is the correct way to update the cores to newer versions, since I guess cores are getting better and better with time. 


I can easily download a new Retroarch compilation from the official site, but I don't know if I will make a mistake by just copy past cores and replace if exist. 

20 Posts
April 24, 2021 - 10:53 am

Answering myself by adding a kind of solution. 


So the base of this compilation is Retroboot. Emulation station is built on top of that (a nicer GUI i guess). 

Here is an update of Retroboot. Going from 1.1 that is included in the compilation that is on this excellent site, to 1.2.1. 

This is how I did, and it was successful. 


I downloaded this file from the above link. 



Extract on your PC. 



Take the folder from the extraction and add it to the root of your USB drive that contains Retroboot 1.1. 



Add it to your Playstation Classic and boot as you normally do. 
An automatic updated is started. Took around 1 minute on my device to finish. 
Your PSC automatically shuts down. 



Start PSC again, and voila, you have Retroboot 1.2.1 installed. From that GUI (if you have not seen it before since normally Emulation station is be default started), Start emulation station from Retroboot. 

With this update, cores are updated as to my original question. However, since this 1.2.1, cores have been updated after that, but I have not taken the time to update them manually. I am fine with this update. 

Emulation station is also updated, so you will find another theme when the emulation station boots. You can change back to your "old" theme by pressing "Start" on your controller and choose several cool themes. 

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