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Images over 64gb for RetroPie
1 Posts
January 4, 2020 - 7:06 pm

Hello all,

You'll have to excuse my n00biness but I'm new to all this Raspberry Pi stuff and I just wanted to ask a simple question. Also if there's a thread for this sort of thing already, by all means direct me there ?

Every time I've tried to write a 128gb or 256gb image, it fails to boot up. Is this because my Pi 3 Model B+ doesn't accept cards over 64gb? If so, why would there be images over the maximum size?

I've done a 64gb one succesfully and it's awesome – just need more space for more games.

I've formatted both cards to fat32 (overwrite format) but I still can't figure out what I'm doing wrong (I'm assuming it's definitely me that's not doing it right).


11 Posts
January 7, 2020 - 12:51 pm

It should run fine i'm currently running a recalbox 128gb image at the moment  on a PI3 b+, few questions to see if I can help

  1. make / class/ model of Micro SD Card
  2. What program did you use to copy the image to the card
  3. What format is image in bin, Iso etc
  4. Software you used to format card.
  5. When the image writes does it seem to write ok
  6. What format was downloaded image in such as zip, rar, 7z etc

Sorry for all the questions but some makes of Micro SD and combinations of software can cause problems

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