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Jukebox dumps
Mark Norville
13 Posts
June 16, 2017 - 10:19 am

Hi Guys,

Obviously, I do not want to say too much, just incase this is a more dodgy area. I know there are game dumps, but are there jukebox dumps floating around as well?

I shall not mention any companies, but you can probably imagine the ones that I mean.



Ninja UK
1916 Posts
June 17, 2017 - 7:19 am

Hi Mark

All files submitted we share on the site, at the moment, I see no known big name JukeBox dumps – however there are some AMAZING Jukebox programs out there, both free and paid, which ones have you tried?

Mark Norville
13 Posts
June 17, 2017 - 9:32 pm

I have tried 99% of them to be honest, I cannot find any better ones. I will give my experience and personal view to help someone else looking for software such as this.

1) eTouch – $35 or $70 for lifetime, easily skinnable, so idiot proof, even I can do it. If you have lifetime, then you can access to exclusive skins. Bugs are few and far between and usually sorted reasonably quickly.

I will give you some advice here, it might be worth just buying the version license, which is 10 and spending $35 as I am not sure how long the programmer is going to go on for. The extra skins might be worth it, for the extra money, but there is screenshots of the extra skins, which may or may not tempt you. Skinning is reasonably easy once you get into it, so you can create your own for $35. This is my personal view, I am active on the forums, however, there is a demo to try and help available.

2) Jukeblaster (Pub Jukebox) The best looking skin, but one of the most expensive programs. It looks good but is a con job, £69.95 for a six month membership and they might not do any bug fixes or updates in that time, so you are constantly paying £69.95 if you want any updates or bug fixes.

3) Touchjams – Another proper pub style jukebox, however skinning is awful on this, and it looks as if you cannot do a lot with it apart from changing fonts, the cost is cheap, but unless you want a reasonably ugly looking jukebox with no future proofing, then it is the only one I would not consider purchasing. The charts are great, as it takes what users are playing from around the World, and puts it into their Countries.

4) Zenpoint – Although not a traditional jukebox, but it is one of the first that I brought. You can do so much with this, it is like having SimpleTouch FE on steroids, the skinning, however, is lacking, mainly it is just about changing colors and that is it.

5) Free ones???? – I have tried various of these from arcade forums etc, some are not too bad, but a lot of them are no longer updated, and do not really contain much apart from a basic player. If you are not fussy, then you might find something that you like, but to be honest, I hate spending money, but sometimes free is not all that is cracked up to be.

Hopefully, this might help someone, as I have seen people ask in relation to jukeboxes, which is what got me into touch screen monitors, to be honest, I wanted that pub feel at home and wanted the software to go with it, but a monitor on the wall is just that, I am looking at making an enclosure, but I am that bad at DIY, but I am tempted to try. The best thing is that I have already paid for most of it, a bookcase made out of MDF and I had that eureka moment, I could recycle that and use the shelves, the sides etc and make a case. A £10 odd MDF bookcase from argos, already in black, so no painting needed. The main expense is the cutting tools, a bag of ice for when I cut my fingers off, but at least the taxi to the hospital will be free.



Ninja UK
1916 Posts
June 18, 2017 - 2:54 am
Quote from Mark Norville on June 17, 2017, 9:32 pm

2) Jukeblaster (Pub Jukebox) The best looking skin, but one of the most expensive programs. It looks good but is a con job, £69.95 for a six month membership and they might not do any bug fixes or updates in that time, so you are constantly paying £69.95 if you want any updates or bug fixes….

So if you DONT spend £70 again after 6 months it locks you out? or Is it £70 to 'keep up to date' ?


Mark Norville
13 Posts
June 18, 2017 - 10:39 am

No, the software works for the lifetime, but if any bugs are found, and they are not fixed within those six months then you have a buggy version.

Any updates that they make, again you have to pay £70

If you lose your license key, they want to charge you £25 to find your key number.

I did pay for the video box but the features were very lacking, I have been tempted to purchase the pub jukebox, but I don't see the point of paying for their con job.

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