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March 28, 2020 - 5:06 am
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Lot of improvements have been made with Gaelco games, following titles have been improved so much that they boot! (We hope to bring these to public soon!)

  • Championship Tuning Race
  • Tokyo Cop
  • Ring Riders

Work in Progress:

  • Police Trainer 2

Also some other changes have made their way in releases.

Here is the recent TeknoParrotCore update log: Changes by: Nezarn

- Add RingRiders (doesn't boot yet) Changes by: Nezarn

- More RingRiders stuff Changes by: Nezarn

- Add Gaelco Championship Tuning Race (doesn't work yet)

- Add PoliceTrainer2 (doesn't boot) Changes by: Reaver

Correct Let's Go Safari PCB emulation from RIngWide to RingEdge. Changes by: Nezarn

- Fix typo in Jvs Changes by: Nezarn

- LGS: change PCB back to RingWide

- LGS: fix windowed mode Changes by: Reaver

- Ring Riders no longer crashes while loading textures due to improve create/read/write/close emulation.

- Ring Riders no longer crashes on AMD CPUs.

- Linux emulation - Added close() emulation.

- Ring Riders Clearing stack more securely while loading textures to prevent corrupted memory problems. Changes by: Nezarn

- RingRiders: boot until test menu Changes by: Nezarn

- Gaelco Championship: minor fixes (still won't boot) Changes by: Reaver

- RingRiders: Skip controls for now so we can boot in game. Crashes after first in-game banner. Changes by: Reaver

- Tokyo Cop: test menu works, but does not permanently save.

- Tokyo Cop: Test menu controls and few normal controls work.

- Tokyo Cop: Disable Motion Platform

- Tokyo Cop: Force Free Play as coins are borked right now. Changes by: Nezarn

- GGXrd REV2: fix windowedfullscreen Changes by: Nezarn

- GGXrd SIGN: fix windowedfullscreen Changes by: Reaver

- Ring Riders: Improved heap emulation.

- Ring Riders: Skip errors so we can boot in game.

- Ring Riders: Ignore Platform init to speed up boot time. Changes by: Reaver

- Ring Riders: Add gluProject emulation, game now looks clearer. Changes by: Reaver

- Gaelco Championship Tuning Race: Improve emulation, goes further. Changes by: Reaver

- Gaelco Championship Tuning Race: handle exceptions properly, game now boots to attract. Changes by: Reaver

- Police Trainer 2: Handle putenv() to prevent crash.

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