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128GB VirtualMan v5.1

Greetings Team,


I have downloaded 128GB VirtualMan v5.1 and it is working fine.

I have add 'Digimion Rumble Arena' to PSX , the game is running fine, but there no artbox or video snaps. I have tried to edit game metadata with scraper and still no luck.

Anyone have an idea on how to add artbox and video snaps to the added games on that image ?


VirtualMan used Mixart instead of Boxart,
Under Roms, then PSX there is Mixart, Snap, Marquee, Folders
Thats where your Art work goes and it will be like this

The name of the game/rom has to be the same as the artwork

/home/pi/RetroPie/roms/psx/mixart/Digimion Rumble Arena (USA).png    - for Boxart
/home/pi/RetroPie/roms/psx/snap/Digimion Rumble Arena (USA).mp4      - for Video

In retropie go the PSX and highlight the Game (Digimon) hit the Select key on your Controller go down to Edit Metadata and you will see where to fill the Info in

There is other ways like Edit the Gamelist.xml on a pc, Dont use windows Notepad as it can stuff the Formatting of the File,
Use WinScp to drag and drop thing in and out of the Pi, and edit the gamelist with Notepad++ or Wordpad

Thanks for your reply

Is there a way to download the boxart and video snap from within the pi ? I have tried scrapper but it didn't work.

For Scraper to get Video's you need to change some settings from within Terminal
ETA-Prime Video

What it really comes down to is the gamelist.xml is correct, your pic's, vid's, ect, can be anywhere as long as the gamelist reflects that

Have a look latter what the other pc based screen scapers do, once you understand the structure /layout/format of each program as to where it puts the downloaded images, video's and the gamelist it makes its easy to edit them for your liking
You can have the programs see your pi over network (slower) and run it that way, or have the programs see a rom folder on your pc

Universal Screen Scaper,  SkraperUI, they are the 2 i have used

You can drag and drop the files from PC to Pi over network (wifi or cabled) and the easy way is WinScp and show hidden files


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