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200Gb emulga romset

This is a big file so moving it around/testing is a pita. I have finally downloaded the lot and a couple of the 226 rar parts twice due to filezilla corruption.

Now I have unzipped all parts I can report that due to corruption inside one of the rar parts that the N64 zip file cannot be extracted; tht's 13gb of the 200Gb.

There are two separate groups of the Sega Saturn. One is called saturn the other is called segasaturn. I have no idea why and because the saturn has 4 missing 7z files (1-4) & a corrupted file a whopping 61Gb is not accessible. The other saturn has 6 7z files and is not extractable. It is 30Gb of unusable compressed files.

Add all that up and you can see that over half the 200Gb is unusable - a waste of download data. this is a great pity as many of the ROMs are the "no intro" kind which I have read are the best.

The SegaCD has a huge number of zero length files so out of 110 game ROMs only 18 are good. Haven't worked out the loss there but it's easy to see this huge file isn't worth downloading as it's chock full of waste and frustration. I would love the admin guy/s to fix it or flick it or at least warn future downloaders of the problems in this file. Option A strip it down to just the good stuff or Option B - like a big hard boogie, give it the flick.

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