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256gb "Totes Malotes" Odroid XU4 Loaded Image (Elliot) Community Enhancements

Dedicated Sub Forum for enhancements to the "community opened" [256gb]-Totes.Malotes.Odroid.XU4.Loaded-Elliot found @



More to come....

[This space reserved for "pinning" enhancmenets/fixes/addon links etc..]


Sweet! Please tell me this one has Arcade > Outrun...?!

Great image!

Anyone successfully scraper from the Emulation Station menu?  I get this error:  "lv10: ScrapterHttpRequest network error (status: 2) - Couldn't resolve host name" Also tried Scraper and Skyscraper from the retropie-setup menu.  They seem to work, but ES doesn't find the content, tried both destination options too. I figured out how to updated the gamelist.xml from ES Gamelist cleanup , but would love to have pretty info for ROMS I've added.

Anyone figured out how to scrape?

Arcade -> Outrun runs great BTW

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