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2tb Origins Downloading Help

Just got sent this from someone who asked for it be shared.... Personally I never had a problem downloading from the .nzb using alt.binz and my providor, but some people do...

I had some issues while downloading this, if you are too I'm here to help:

What you Need:
-A TSOP Mod or chip with your Bios image set to have an F and G Drive
-(!IMPORTANT!) Xbox Ready 2TB HDD With Drives F and G set to 927.78 GB using 64k clusters and the drive set to unlocked
-A 80-Wire Ultra ATA 2-Drive Ribbon Cable pre installed in your Xbox
-A way to connect your drive to your computer

1. Start by grabbing the NZB and downloading whats there (1640 RAR file in parts)
TIP: Add extra connections in your usenet client to achive higher speeds until your speeds are hitting the limit
2. When you finish go to part one and right click "Extract Files..." set where you want it and under "Miscellaneous" section check "Keep Broken Files" (this is for WinRAR do the equivilent for your choice of decompresion software)
TIP: Dont worry about the corupt file warnings! just wait for it to finish!
3. When finished, start the torrent (on Arcade Punks same place as the NZB) and tell it to download in the same location as the file you got from extracting the parts we got from the NZB.
4. Your torrent Client should check and complete the file. This will take much longer for the remaining 162GB of data.
5. When it finishes you should have a complete working writable image file.
6. Download and install HDD Raw, Copy Tool make sure, your drive is connected, Select the complete image we just obtained as the source, select the Xbox drive as the Target.
TIP: MAKE SURE YOU SELECT THE CORRECT DRIVE AS YOUR TARGET You'll risk computer imparement or data loss... or both.
7. Wait for the drive to write.
8. Put the drive in your Xbox and Test the image.
9. Assuming all went well, Profit.


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