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32GB image on 64GB card allow me to use remaining space?

I currently have a 32GB card setup exactly how I like it but I want a slightly bigger card.  If I image my 32GB card and put it on my 64GB does it hide the extra 32GB of space or will I be able to use the entire card for ROMs?

When you have it installed on your 64gb then "expand the file system"

RetroPie Issues – Configs Not Saving? How To Expand The Filesystem

Yes, you can burn that image to 64GB card with Win32DiskImager and you'll have the available space.  I used the Wolfanoz 32gb image on a 64gb card for my Street Fighter Arcade1Up cab build.  Then I was able to FTP into it so I could add other ROMs later such as PS1 and Dreamcast.

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