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32X Addon Not Showing


Does anyone have any tips on how to get the 32X addon from MadMan working - I extracted it to the CoinOPS NEXT root folder, but it doesn't show up in the main menu.

All the other addons I've added are showing and working fine.

PS. Noticed this has DAPHNE - is there a way to get this working too?

Thanks for any help and Happy Holidays

go to "collections" folder.... then "main" folder.... then "menu" folder.... create a blank text file named "32x.txt"

Had the same issue, added the 32x.txt and it show up, however, if I select the 32x it doesn't show me the correct artwork, nor does it show me any games.
I did add the fully loaded 32x. It shows me a black cabinet with nothing on it. ty!

Edit: seems like I made a typo i added 32x.txt but it should of been 32X.txt...

they show on genesis by default, if u want them under 32X do this:

Actually 32X does work: as posted by someone on It does not show on the CoinOps home screen as Sega 32X but the games are in the Genesis area. They do work.
So his quote is: they show up under Genesis by default to change that you need to delete the .sub file in genisis collection, and add a 32X.txt into the menu folder. Hope this helps.

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