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"3D Pandora Games" SD image needed please!

I've since seen the error of my ways and built a Raspberry Pi using the many talents on display on this indispensable, minty site, which I discovered last month - but I've still got an Android-based 2019 "3D Pandora Games" PCB which has a dead SD card, and I really wanna fix it! There are many mostly erroneous instructions online about adding games via USB, but apart from PSP roms (which really belong on a hacked PSP, for my money) I've had no luck running anything. I hope one of you kind souls out there can help me, and wouldn't mind zipping up their SD image and sending it my way.

G'waaaaan it's Christmas!

Cheers for reading.



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Search the forums for Pandora >


Search the website for Pandora >


Couple of posts that jump out :-

Add Extra Games to the FAKE Pandoras Box 6 Arcade – The “Arcade Box Super”



Hope some of this helps buddy ?

Cheers matey, tried all those - no joy as of yet though! I'll keep looking. Please shout if you see anything!

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