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75 dollars to the first person who can...


75 dollars to the first person who can offer the following:

Pi 3 B+ Image, 64gb or less

MAME and SNES emulators only, with confirmed working ROMs and video snaps included. Final ROM list provided for me to review, and opportunity for me to request that certain ROMs be removed from your final build (some I will never play...)

Prefer Wolfanoz or Motion Blue type front end, with Attract Mode, but open to suggestions (with sample)

No adult themes, wallpaper, videos, ROMs

The most important part = flawless button mapping.  This is why I want to pay someone decent money to have everything work perfectly.  I have a custom, 1-player controller with the following: Ultimarc Mini-PAC control board, 11 buttons (1 dedicated Select/Start, 1 dedicated Coin, 3 misc non-gameplay function buttons (open to suggestions), 6 dedicated gameplay buttons (more details below), 1 Sanwa 4-way joystick.  The Mini-PAC, in case you don't know, is a programmable keyboard emulator, so I will need you to advise which keys will map to which buttons, so I am clear how to configure it for the outcome you are presenting... Please refer to Mini-PAC documentation to ensure things will work. Default configs do not play nice across front end and both emulators, possibly due to my limited number of buttons and no P2 set...

Here's how I've tried to map things out before, but something always fails to work properly:

Select/Start button - Select a game to play from the front end, Start game play in an emulator (after adding coins in MAME)

Coin - Add coins in MAME, no purpose in SNES?

Function button 3 - not sure - thought about mapping for emulator Menu, but I won't really care if this project works flawlessly...

Function button 4 - not sure

Function button 5 - Exit ROM and return to front end

Gameplay button 1 - P1 Button 1 in MAME - Y in SNES

Gameplay button 2 - P1 Button 2 in MAME - X in SNES

Gameplay button 3 - P1 Button 3 in MAME - L Shoulder in SNES?

Gameplay button 4 - P1 Button 4 in MAME - B in SNES

Gameplay button 5 - P1 Button 5 in MAME - A in SNES

Gameplay button 6 - P1 Button 6 in MAME - R Shoulder in SNES?

And of course, joystick up/down/left/right mapped for both emulators and the front end

For reference, my game buttons are laid out like this:


Once I receive a legitimate commitment from someone, I will reply here so multiple people aren't working unnecessarily.  If I don't have good progress within a week or two, I will post again to give someone else a try.

I look forward to working with you.

Arcade Punks mediator - If this is not posted in the right place, please feel free to move.


If you have no taker's then have a look at this as a starting point DMC's v.3  NES Build

The Best 64gb Nintendo Pi Build Ever 6,000+ Games – New Classic from DMC

Thank you, but I have tried several builds on my own. My frustration has lead to posting this offer. I’d rather pay now to have an excellent, functional solution our family can start enjoying. We’re ready to play!

Alternate offer: $20 to the first person who can help share exactly how I should best create my own mapping, and set up *any* image so it is working flawlessly and remains stable with the requests listed above. I don’t mind doing the actual work, but I’ve tried many times on my own and scoured the web for articles and videos. Whatever right/wrong combination I have learned simply isn’t working for my setup...

Surely someone in this forum is the expert... 🙂

Well, after 153 views of this post, and no progress yet, I have decided to order a Deluxe Pi Joystick kit from Monster Joysticks.  While no guarantees that this will resolve my problems, the guy there has been really helpful and quick to reply so far.  This product uses a HAT (direct connect controller to the 3 B+ board pins).  I recognize this method was designed to reduce/eliminate lag, but I'm hoping for more default compatibility as per my original concern.

I'll report back after it arrives.  Does anyone else have experience with this product?

you need to edit the retroarch.cfg file for each emulator you wish to use

files are located in /opt/retropie/configs/   directory with an aditional directory for each emulator

for example snes is     /opt/retropie/configs/snes     directory and the file is retroarch.cfg

arcade is                   /opt/retropie/configs/arcade     directory and the file is retroarch.cfg

no matter the directory or folder if you prefer, the file you need to edit will be named  retroarch.cfg

now assuming you have the mini pac in keybard mode  the retroarch.cfg should be edited to look like this

input_player1_a = ctrl
input_player1_b = alt
input_player1_y = shift
input_player1_x = space
input_player1_start = num1
input_player1_select = num5
input_player1_l = z
input_player1_r = x
input_player1_left = right
input_player1_right = left
input_player1_up = down
input_player1_down = up

input_player2_a = a
input_player2_b = s
input_player2_y = q
input_player2_x = w
input_player2_start = 2
input_player2_select = 6
input_player2_l = i
input_player2_r = k
input_player2_left = g
input_player2_right = d
input_player2_up = f
input_player2_down = r

which will give you  2 player controls but should work fine fir one player if thats all you have wired up ,this should also work the same if using an ipac2 in keyboard mode

side note if you have already altered the minipac settings from factory defaults you will need to return the settings to there original state

there are lots of ways to access the cfg files you need to edit

winscp you might need root access

or drop to a command prompt  from within the pie ( you need a keyboard connected to the pie)

type cd /opt/retropie/configs/snes

replace snes with whichever emulator you are editing

Then create a backup copy of the retroarch.cfg file:

type  cp retroarch.cfg retroarch.cfg.bak

Then open retroarch.cfg file for editing:

nano retroarch.cfg

Ahh progress.  Thank you AI.  I'll follow the steps above, and report back.  Maybe I'm under/over thinking all of this... but here's how my brain works:

1) I have to decide which wires connect to which buttons, per - again I have 6 controller buttons, 5 function buttons (including those dedicated to Start and Coin), and one 4-way joystick.

2) On boot, I tell EmulationStation which buttons represent which functions.  Because I'm limited on number of buttons, and because I'm not using a real joystick, I've been setting Up/Down/Left/Right (easy), but then Start as my Coin button, Select as my Start button, and then A/B/X/Y  with 4 of my controller buttons, and L Shoulder/R Shoulder as the other 2 controller buttons, Nothing for trigger/thumb/analog stick (should I be mapping analog stick with the same joystick as I used for Up/Down/Left/Right?), and then last the Hotkey button as the 5th of my 5 function buttons.

3) I'm not trying to ignore any of what you said above, but I thought that ES defaults in "Auto Configuration" mode, and trickles these same buttons down to each emulator, no?  So...two thoughts here: if yes, is this "feature" somehow overriding what I'm trying to do and messing me up, because of the Mini-PAC I'm using?  Or should it be pretty flawless at this point, and I'm missing something?  I understood originally (before your notes) that I shouldn't really have to edit retroarch.cfg files at that point, unless I wanted to customize...?

Again, just thinking everything through out loud.  I can edit cfg's.  But I need to be clear on what exactly I'm wiring to the quantity of buttons I have to work with, and then define them properly, so they end up actually being able to respond with the cfg default you've described above, and so I dont miss out on the simple/consistent functionality I've expressed concerned about.

Thanks in advance!  $20 to you when we're done 🙂

So essentially a 9 button control panel  with joystick

exit button (non essential ) exit of libretro based emulators is achieved by pressing 2 buttons at the same time usually start and select  (non libreto emulators have to be set up from within each emulator separately and in some cases cant be changed) however if you want a one button exit then alter the harness so that this button is wired to both start and select leads triggering both to be pressed simultaneously

Start button  what your calling start/select  in arcade is player one start and on other emulators such as nes or snes is just start

select button what your calling coin  in arcade is just that Coin but in other emulators such as nes or snes is select ( if its an arcade cabinet your setting up and want a functioning coin slot then alter the harness to wire the coin slot and the select button to the same lead thus both will trigger the same input)

then 6 game buttons

ES Auto config or controller setup will do just that  however once you set up the controls based on mame but the button A is in the upper righthand corner and you want it to be the lower lefthand corner then edit the retroarch.cfg for snes  to remap the buttons to your desired locations

basically do the initial ES controller setup positioning the buttons how you want them for mame then edit the retroarch.cfg for each emulator that isn't set up quite right  for what you want

ES should see the minipac as a Keyboard

as for analog joysticks i just skip those when setting up just press and hold down any button till it jumps down to the next entry in the controller setup

and when it gets to hotkey hit select button (what you've been thinking of as coin)  once setup you press the start button and the button setup as hotkey to exit out of a game. in this case you press both start and select and the game exits as i said before if you want a single button exit then wire that button to both the start and select leads so it triggers both keys when pressed


Read through a little better and when wiring it up

Group J3

the red wire COIN1   is coin or what ES thinks of as select  (should be num5 for the purpose of editing a config file)

the yellow wire START1  is start    (should be num1 for the purpose of editing a config file)

In Group J4 and Group J3

1SW1 -1SW6  correspond to buttons  1-6 on the panel ,pay attention to which goes where on the physical panel  and make a little diagram with 6 circles and write in 1SW1 ect in the circle that corresponds to the actual button placement in your panel . then add the keyboard press to the circle, by default it should be

1SW1  ctrl

1SW2  alt

1SW3  space

1SW4  shift

1SW5  z

1SW6 x


if any of this is wrong then plug the mini-pac into a pc and use the software to see which keyboard button is assigned to which switches

up down left right as you said obvious

with that diagram edit the retroarch config of any emulator that is not set up the way you want it to be

one extra note

Group J1

yellow wire 1A is pause ( as far as I know it only works for mame the other emulators usually pause game with the start button) its keyboard key press is p


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