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Greetings from Athens Greece!

Is it possible to add 1fichier links for roms pack 7?

Thank you very much.

Hello and thanks for all the hard work.

Just to confirm all of the GC games unpack to the maximum disk size regardless of the actual game yeah? I am getting 1,425 760 Kb for every single one, if so be warned folks that is one TB without media. (Dolphin cant do zips can it?)

I have a few corrupted that I will make a list of here to make sure its not just me. Once I confirm whats corrupted I will upload working versions of whatever wont unpack. I also think we are missing about 4 games to make this complete when i can I will spend a few hours going through it game by game and report back.

So far (5 hours left unpacking)for the corrupted its ...

Minority Report - Everybody runs


P.N 03


Quote from mask on December 15, 2019, 12:14 pm

Greetings from Athens Greece!

Is it possible to add 1fichier links for roms pack 7?

Thank you very much.

Yes, please.

Thanks a lot!

This is really beginning to feel like a waste of time with so many other choices.. why deal with a puzzle piece mess of an incomplete front end that you are trying to get new users to work together to "rebuild" to help them learn more about troubleshooting fronted issues? when all you really need to do is follow the guide/how to for any other front end that is already mostly configured in a way that the user can be up and running in a reasonable amount of time? I'm seriously about to delete almost 2 TB of data because of this so called release by Piggies.. this joke of a release..which is basically a compilation of other users work years old that is outdated and will take months to make complete - EVEN AFTER HAVING ALL PIGGY PACKS RELEASED.. NO THANKS.. done wasting my time.


ALSO- I'm not saying buy a complete 3-24TB Pre-Configured system from the hack above. Go for it if your lazy and have money to burn.. it's how he makes his money off of something so simple a grade schooler could put together. I'm saying with very little know how you can download COMPLETE pre-configured systems completely free and be up and running before this snake oil salesmen has the HD shipped to your door: Hyperspin, Launchbox, CoinOps COMPLETE beautiful working setups. Simply start off downloading the base and add on until you have 24-50TB systems... No joke. It's really not that complicated.. and it's as simple as going to a few Public torrent trackers like Backupsdotme, BitGamer, or many others and downloading packs from AP and other communities. There is NOTHING special about the setups the hack above is selling.. it can be had and setup for free with very little effort. The content that makes up the large amount of data on the systems are the complete Ps2,Ps3, and other CD based games that are anywhere from 2-8 gb per game. Which is all here and easily loaded into any free frontend that looks just as good as money maker Mcgee's setups above. But if you have a technological defect and don't know the ends and out of reading a How To Guide that comes with the frontend showing you how to setup correctly or following a step by step guide you can follow on Youtube..then you are better of going with BIG FANCY  24TB Pre-configured solution.. don't think for yourself.. pay the guy above to do it for you.

mastershakelock - I agree with you that people can indeed set this up themselves and for free... but it could take a hell of a long time especially if someone has never done it before (even if it seems easy to you or I), and some might just value their time over the money spent to fast-track there setup. I'm quite capable of sourcing everything and setting everything up myself, but I was still going to make a purchase to save time, that is until I found this download (thanks guys!). I'll give this a shot, and if it's not as turn key as I'd like,  well I've lost nothing apart from a few hours and then I will proceed to make a purchase. I can always make more money, but time... not so much. 🙂

it is impossible for a hyperspin with so many systems to be configured for everyone and be plug and play and free,
the friend share a PiPiggies image and whoever wants to download the download and whoever does not want to co-configure does not download it.
I like this job and I know that I have to configure and adapt to my controls etc
but it already gives us a very large base to work.
good job

sorry use translator

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