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EVERYTHING [8tb].Hyperspin.PC.Fully.Loaded-004-ROMs-014-PiPiggies RELATED HERE

Is anyone else getting stupidly slow download speeds via torrent?

Im on 012 torrent and i get over 1 mbit

but you download from torrent? to me and always 0 from yesterday

The latest torrent " [8tb].Hyperspin.PC.Fully.Loaded-004-ROMs-014-PiPiggies" isn't working.  Trackers all show 1 seed and about 50 peers.  All peers at 0.0%.  All my other torrents have no issues.  Tried on two different pc's (home and work).

It is as if they have put the torrent out there, but forgot to enable the torrent.....
Nothing coming through. 0% since it has become available.
All peers have 0%, so nothing is happening between all of them....

What is up with the duplicate files? Some files are the same size and others aren't. Why did pack 11 contain PS2 games with they were going to be released later on?

newb question about overwriting PS2 roms from 014 ROM PACK...

As an example, a previous rom pack has "Armored Core 2 (USA).gz" and "Armored Core 2 (USA).gz.pindex.tmp" installed in the directory "Sony Playstation 2\roms" folder.  The 014 ROM PACK contains "Armored Core 2 - Another Age (USA).gz".  If I copy the newer 014 ROM PACK file over to the PS2 rom folder, do I have to rename the .gz file or the file contained within?

the ".gz.pindex.tmp" files in the "Sony Playstation 2\roms" folder are created when the game first launches, like a save-state file?

I found these five files were already released in a previous pack (see pic).

Using rocketlauncherUI it looks like 3 files were absent;

Colin McRae Rally 03 (USA)
Colin McRae Rally 2005 (USA)
Dora's Big Birthday Adventure (USA)

Uploaded files:
  • 014-2_23_2020-1_45_16-PM.png

The link to the nfo page is returning a 404 error.

Thanks for taking a look at it!

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