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Adding and Removing things to the build

Hey All

I have a few questions about this build.

  1. I am also having issue's with getting the controls bound in RetroArch correctly, I have an 8 button arcade setup and I have just started trying to configure console's in your build but every time I go to change the controls in RetroArch it doesn't let me save the config file. Sorry I am pretty new at this whole thing.
  2. I have spent about 3 weeks now consolidating your list of games and console's that I won't play. I managed to remove the systems I didn't want but I was only able to "hide" games on systems I wanted to keep ie: I filtered my NES list from 900 to about 350. Wondering if you can shed some light on how to properly remove them as the ROM/video/audio/configuration still remains and I can't figure out how to remove it correctly.
  3. I also wanted to add to the collection all the content I filtered out I want to delete and then add in some Wii U games wondering if I can get your take on that.

I have uploaded my current config with a screenshot of the error.




Uploaded files:
  • Arcade-Config.png
  • RetroArch.png

I was pulling my hair out a bit on this as well...

I can't say I have it all figured out, but so far, I'm able to swap between an Xbox 360 controller, and an Arcade stick (8bitdo wireless arcade) fairly flawlessly both in Retroarch and Mame.

I was getting the error you were getting last time I looked at this I remember...I'm not attempting to save autoconfig ...this time for Retroarch, I just went into

Retroarch -> Settings -> Input - User 1 Binds

Set user 1 Device type 'Retropad'

exit Retroarch by going to main menu and selecting 'Quit Retroarch' (should save the main config file).

So now I just unplug my 360 batteries on my wireless and turn on my 8bitdo arcade and Retroarch is working as expected.

Can't say this will address everything, and I understand alot of work went into configuring the 360 controller... but I'm mostly interested in playing Mame and 8/16 bit stuff right now...Mame I also went in and had to configure / check mappings...some reason it lost my mappings when I switched controllers...that's outside of Retroarch tho...strange...Anyway, I'm farther along than I thought I'd be...haven't tried tweaking configs since I setup earlier this month...hope this helps and if anyone has recommendations, please do share...Ideally we'd be able to swap controllers on the fly and everything works to some degree...+ 2nd and 3rd person controls...which I haven't tackled yet. cheers

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