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Amiga emulator games in CoinOps Next

How do i start the in the dir emulators/winuae/games/dho.

there are a lot of games in there but how do i get theme in CoinOps and choose them?

Firstly activate Amiga in Main Coinops menu as a system, to do this browse to Collections/Main/Menu , inside there you will see a folder called "removed collections" copy the txt file amiga from this folder to the previous folder called Menu. Menu contains all the active collections that appear in your coinops next install and display in the bottom scroll bar.

Next browse to Emulators/WinUAE/Configurations/Host in there you will see the selection of games already selectable, Barbarian, Ik+, Superfrog & Uridium, to add other games to this go into the folder called "Other UAE" and copy out the games from there into your Emulators/WinUAE/Configurations/Host, these will now appear on the Amiga Wheel as a clickable text link to run the game, finally drop your Cover, Logo & Video files for each amiga game into there respective folders in Collections/Amiga/Medium_Artwork to get the front end looking tidy.



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