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Another boring Hello post to get me started

Hi everyone,

Running Retro Pie on a Rasp B+ with 32GB mSD and 128GB USB3 Flash drive.

I was looking for something a little more polished and found these builds


I'm now in the process of trying each one to see which one i prefer. Can't believe ive only just found this site/forum.


Fantastic, im sure i'll be asking loads of quesetions as i go on my journey but might come out the other end being able to help others :)


Thats the plan anyway.


A little bit about myself, im old, i grew up in the arcade era.  My first console was the Atari 2600, then spectrum, then Amstrad CPC, before entering the world of PC's in the late 80's with the Amstrad PC1512.

Moving forward a couple years, missed out the whole NES, SNES, Megadrive era and moved straight to Playstation 1, then 2, then xbox 360 - which i still have tucked away in a cupboard, it's jtagged of course. I never bought a console to then buy games, it just was never the done thing to do.......

Live took over in the late 90's with family and such but i still look back fondly on my childhood when computer games had crappy graphics and you only had 3 lifes - none of this never ending save game(s) that the kids have now.... was a better time when games were games and you used to rattle down to your local arcade or cafe and pump 10p's (quarters if your american) into arcade machines to play for around 5 minutes before you lost all your lives then started all over again.



The glory days indeed - missed times, that just wouldnt work nowadays :(


........................ or would it ?