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Atomiswave LaunchBox No Intro Collection- Colpipes1978


Atomiswave LaunchBox No Intro Collection- Colpipes1978

Anyone know wher I can get this pack.. It’s needed to setup Naomi in the LaunchBox No Intro collection.

Thank you.

LaunchBox No Intro Collection- Colpipes1978

Its on the way real soon 🙂

Here 🙂

Where? I see a notification saying "THE DOWNLOADS HAVE NOT GONE - As its now 2019, all previous years downloads are archived, so simply click the archive on the download page to see historic downloads #keepcalm" but I've text searched half this site and the only place I see "archive" anywhere is on that notification and the atomiswave is nowhere to be found on the CP78 No Intro download page.


Quote from godnevercry on November 30, 2018, 12:45 am

Here ?


I've exhausted my resources trying to locate this, so any help is appreciated. If nothing else if someone could supply me with the emulator portion so I can use the Naomi pack, that would be awesome but I really want the atomiswave pack.

Pay for the membership so you can have access to the Members Area which has an FTP that you can log into to get this download.  It's about a 2gb download.

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