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Been Avoiding this question ... But please help!


Before I invest in any hardware (I don't really know what is good enough and what is shite yet), I thought I would try the coinops on an old laptop to see the capabilities it has.  But here comes the embarrassing bit, how do I install it?

I used the Torrent for Coinops Next mini and extracted the rar files but I cannot find any information on the folder structure etc.

Any help would be much appreciated..!


Put the extracted folder in the root of your hard drive

then run coinops....


Thanks for that,

Got it running by putting (1 of the 18 extracted folders what do I do with the other 17??) there and it's running, but very slow and glitchy even on snes. On 1.7GHz Intel i3-4005U, 8GB ram,  Is that kind of hardware usually not beefy enough to run these things?

Thanks for helping

there should be 1 folder and the rest within it - this attached picture shows the root of my drive, and then the contents of the folder..


Uploaded files:
  • layout.png

Yep, sorted!

I made the mistake of extracting them separately... ffs!

It's all working as it should now but extremely laggy, even Snes mariokart.  I tried the same game with stand alone snes9x and it is fine.  But atleast I can tinker with thinks before I invest.

Thanks for the help!

It's a fantastic build , especially when you get the full version Next , right through from Arcade 70's to WII U console, i've even added in the very much testing stages Switch emulator and a few games, it can become addicting, I've added even more games , graphics and video's and the original 160gb Next is now pushing over 2TB's  🙂

To run the full CoinOps Next with WiiU and future proofing for PS3, Switch etc you will need a good build , looking at minimum I5 8400 upwards, 8gb ram minimum (personally go for 16gb) and standalone graphics card , good mid range and value for money graphics card is the GTX 1050ti with dedicated 4gb DDR5 ram currently around £120, full build around the £450 mark. you could cut corners but as the retro scene grows personally i've found not only nostalgia but also the convenience of combining the less retro Consoles into a great set up for all the family.

I can totally understand where the addiction  in adding content can come from! I downloaded the Amiga add on already! Haha

My eldest (and me I suppose) already have an Xbox one but she spent an hour in front of the laptop yesterday completing The Simpson’s arcade game! So yes, I want to make this a family friendly system too, until I get the cash, room and time to build a cab.

For years I’ve wanted to build a HTPC, one box that does everything and I think this is my chance.  One thing I noticed, I ran the Microsoft system monitor and noticed that the GPU was not being used, does retrofe/CoinOps only use the CPU then?

I've been looking at a couple of second hand dell PC’s that could Be a good base to start with.  I’ve took on board that you said a quad core i5 and using this a minimum.


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