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Best MAME image?

Hey I'm fairly new to this, I have flashed a couple images that ive enjoyed however i built a arcade machine for my game room and want to run it with a Pi and am just curious if anyone knows of any good images that just have MAME? I dont really want all the other systems or anything just a good arcade setup. or would i just have to get a image i like and hand take all the stuff i dont want out? Any advice would be appreciated! Thanks!

I've got the 16gb Level1online image that has about 500+ Mame and FBA roms.

You could install that, and then just go through the other rom folders and delete the systems you don't want

dropped today

32gb Pi 3 Arcade Only Image with Video Snaps and Over 2500 Roms from Mad Little Pixel

Gnarly! perfect thanks for the heads up man!