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Best Retrotink Ultimate Pi Image?

Hey all,

I just bought a Retrotink Ultimate and have been using the Lakka image from their website but I can't help but feel like it isn't the ideal set up. I will be using my Pi primarily for arcade/MAME emulation on a CRT monitor. Is there a better image out there that is pre-configured for MAME/Neo Geo/CPS-2, etc...?



I have a 8GB image for RetroTINK Ultimate, but it is for COMPONENT ONLY. That is YPbPr, the red/blue/green cables. The link is on my twitter post: Check out @level1online’s Tweet:

I'm having trouble pasting the link with my phone.

Thank you! Is there way to make this compatible for RGB?

To answer your question. Yes. Are you trying to hook this up to a PVM? It would just require some adjustment to a few files.

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