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"CABBING" Wolfanoz Launchbox Big Box PC Build

So heres the plan, I am going to rip out (delete) anything thats not going to work on a 6 button 2 player cab, so that I can use this build on my soon-to-be-built cabinet.  I know there are a few PS2/DC Games that suffice at 6 buttons or less and would like to keep them.

I will also be adding LIGHTGUN GAMES , both classic and more modern day Arcade Dump Rips (Transformers of course!!).

I will also look at adding some modern arcade games (6 button or less) PC based too, such as Chuckie Egg (modern edition) and the latest Streetfighter, as well as any teknoparrot flawless running games.

Whose in for something like this - anyone up for being involved?

I am definitely interested in that idea!

The image was configured with a 360 controller so you'll need to reconfigure most of the images emulators which include RetroArch and MAME under the Emulators folder.  That will take quite a bit of time but once you do, you should be good to go.

Depending on what you use for a control deck, Tank Stick, etc, you should be able to plug that in and configure away.  As for arcade buttons, Sanwa sticks, etc, youll need a zero delay board with a USB out and plug your controls into that.  (Xin Mo??)  But most of the work is in that.

For lightgun, you should be able to get an Aimtrak gun and download the app from the website for Windows, not sure if there is a way to integrate it with Launchbox yet but you can set it up via that app and the dolphin bar and then configure the games individually you want to play it with.

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