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Cabinet Art

Hopefully someone can help me out here. I picked up a GRS 32 cabinet, however like the art located here.

I've tried contacting these guys down in Georgia, however the response I got was that they only do artwork for their cabinets. I am guessing there is a dump of some cabinet custom work somewhere out there. I have not had any luck finding it. Ryan has something similar, however it's in a flat Photoshop file so can't really make changes and the one he has I think has too much going on. So if anyone can point me to where I can get this artwork would greatly be appreciated. I am even willing to pay something for it. Thanks in advance!

Uploaded files:
  • arcade-vector-art-20.jpg
  • Retro-Mixxx.png

Wait, Im confused, its a GRS unit and Ryan has supplied some artwork but because its not multi layered its no use? Cant you at least use it for template?

Ryan sent the template. Just looking for the above graphics. I could probably duplicate it if I can find that Donkey Kong Art in Hi res or vector format. That DK pic was originally from a flyer back in the 80's.

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