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Cannot get into DIP Switch settings in MAME, cannot access launch options (ie: change emulator), cannot do code to exit Kiosk mode..

So I burned this:

To the memory card they recommend.

I changed my theme, I made my own intro, and I put my own images for screen saver. Other than that, the only thing I did was setup a joystick, oh and change to Kiosk mode.

When I load up an Arcade game I cannot access DIP switch settings. It should be TAB on a keyboard? Doesn't work for me.

I loaded up Daphne and Dragon's Lair. After it did what it did on the initial boot (took a few mins) it shows the attract mode. I insert a coin and hit start, it kicks me back to EmulationStation. I remember my friend changing the emulator it runs on using launch options. Mine won't go into launch options.

I also cannot get Konami code to work to exit Kiosk mode, so I edited the config file and changed my code to UD. I still can't get the code to work.

Any help is appreciated. People over at RetroPie aren't too helpful since it's not a stock install of RetroPie.

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