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Can't get image to card


I downloaded the 16gb Legendary Arcade Recalbox image for a pi front end on to a mac. I can't seem to extract the files inside the main file. I'm tying to get a .img but currently it's 12 files .7z.001 to .7z.012. My unarchiver won't extract them. What am I supposed to do with these files? Do I need to open it on a PC instead. I can't figure it out. Thanks .

Try to extract the files with this

Thanks so much for that. It worked great. Now my image is slightly too big for the card. Image is 15.93gb and the card is 15.53gb. Is there anything I can do about that?  Are there better cards available that have a tiny bit more space? Mine is an Apacer. Should I just use a 32gb card? Thanks again.

For Mac I dont know but for Windows this might work to shrink it down.I think Sandisk probably is the best way to go.If you have a 32gb card you should use that and then you also have space to put on more games if you want

HOW TO: Shrink (PiShrink) an Image (IMG) in Windows

Awesome, just ended up buying a bigger gard. Got the image working and it's great. Thanks for your help. That keka program worked a treat.

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