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Classic Game Fan

Hello everyone, Jody here. I stumbled upon this site trying to dig up some software for my latest project - I'm currently building a touchscreen jukebox that I want to multi-purpose with some casino games. I'm also mostly finished a dual monitor MAME cocktail cabinet which was inspired by some of my favorite two player games like Wizard of Wor. I'm an old school arcade game lover, and I have a history with gaming and programming on the Commodore 64 and Apple II+ from my grade school days. I've also built a full size driving simulator powered by an Xbox 360 (complete leather force feedback chair, rear LED lights, tailpipes and a BOSE sound system); a rail shooter with dual pump action rifles based on the Wii; and a standup Mame cabinet that was my first attempt at building a cabinet from scratch. Getting back in touch with my gaming 'roots' has been a great creative outlet for me. Nice to finally find somewhere to relate these things to people that don't look at me cross-eyed... :)


Those builds sound amazing! There is a forum for builds, and I would love to see pictures of them.


Feel free to share some pix of that driving cab bro!!