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Classic MAME Coin-Op Only? PI Image

Wow!  Love all the contributions on this site!!  Definitely some hard work.

I'm hoping to find a PI image with only the basic, classic MAME coin-op games:


Burger Time



Dig Dug

Donkey Kong

Donkey Kong Jr

Double Dragon



Ikari Warriors

Ms Pac-Man


Pole Position


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles



Would also be great to see Gauntlet and the MAME version of Super Mario Bros (Vs?)

Is there an Image out with a narrow focus like this?  If not, what's the easy way to set so it boots only into a MAME menu every time (no other systems)?

Oh, and not sure if I'll be limited on choices... I've read some images may not work with my 3B+...?

Thanks in advance!


Wolfanoz has just released this


could be the answer

Wolfanoz image won't work on 3b+. Try this one - 64GB, but pretty flawless


DedElvis: the Wolfanoz Arcade Only image, referenced above by Ninja UK, actually does run on the 3B+ and I am using it atm...  I appreciate the suggestion, but I have tried Supreme v2.  I recall that Galaga didn't work... Ms Pac-Man didn't either.  I quit using it after that.

Really? I tried the Wolfanoz... oh wait. You have me at a disadvantage sir. I was thinking of another image. All apologies. I ran my mouth thinking of another image.

Galaga and Ms Pacman work for me, with perfect artwork. Weird I guess. At any rate I stand corrected.

In fact I have the Wolfanoz image saved on it's own card. I misspoke.

The image we are talking about works awesome, but it's nowhere near the one I referenced - and I have NO dog in this fight.

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